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Editing the scoreboard, help
Aug 15 2010 04:18pm

twin ghost
 - Student
twin ghost
ok so basically im making a bit of an all over mod for the ffa clan im in, i make maps, texture skins, hud mods, consoles etc and i have made a new font mod and other little bits before, but i cant seem to find all the files that correspond to the scoreboard that comes up during CTF matches, i wanted to split the red and blue to the sides rather than above and below so that i can edit the bar at the top to have a red sabre to the right and blue sabre to the left aswell as maybe a centre piece on that line, any help or ideas on this one?

i usually just open up the assets and find everything i need but i just cant seem to figure this one out so help would be appreciated

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Aug 15 2010 09:25pm

 - Jedi Master

I've had a look and can't find it either. I've also looked in the code and found a lot of very specific programming for it. It's very likely that it's all handled completely in the code .dlls and not the UI files. :(

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