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Dad Rant -Mic Den Octela- Dec 01 09:08pm -4 comments-
A review from my father.

Character of the Month - Lord Hoth -Mic Den Octela- Dec 01 08:20pm -3 comments-
The first of a new series of articles I plan on doing. This month is Lord Hoth.

The Old Republic at a glance. -Mic Den Octela- Nov 01 02:06am -4 comments-
It's been a while since I posted an article so be kind.

Now, a lot of you are going to roll your eyes at the title of this Article. You’re fully justified in doing that but before you do, take a moment to read the body. Of the article. Not mine. Freak…

Glitching, sportsmanship and the hermeneutics of gameplay -Masta- Jun 17 08:26pm -14 comments-
In this article I will conduct an examination of the various appeals to sportsmanship and fair-play within in-game JKA communities, with special emphasis on the controversial issue of glitching aka poke/spin, and will try to outline a possible way of dealing with such issues from the viewpoint of an ethically conscious player.

The fragility of the enjoyable gaming experience -Masta- May 12 12:50pm -12 comments-
Or why we need the Jedi Academy

Ethics of JKA Examined -Augusta_Mintaka- Apr 15 08:31pm -7 comments-
ducit amor patriae

Lounge Of Maher Senatu (Adult stuff!) -Odan-Wei Belouve- Feb 11 04:39pm -11 comments-
Better not bring your kids!

The Holocron and Updating it -Cuthalion- Jan 04 02:15pm -2 comments-
A call to edits.

Uncovering a web of deceit! -Kainz00r- Jun 07 07:47am -22 comments-
A guest article from whistleblower Kain!

Addictive or Just Fun? -Augusta_Mintaka- Apr 23 08:54pm -13 comments-
Is video game addiction what the public is making it out to be?

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