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The Academy
Personal  Our former hosts and the major hub of the JKII/JK:JA community.
LucasArts  Without them we'd have no reason for a site  Another great site (gotta love the self-deprecating humor)
Massassi Temple  One of the "old-school" sites, still rocks today  If the Community had a hangout this would be it
Lightech Industries  Awesome sabers  Jedi Knight II /Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Files
PCGameMods  PCGameMods - Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, UT2004, HL2, RTCW-ET Files, Quake4
Master Replicas  Official Prop Replica's for Star Wars Movies
GTK Radiant - Mapping Utility  Wanna make a map? Here is the tool to make that happen!!
Blues News  Wanna find out what is going on in the gaming world?  Filefront gaming forums.
Jedi Academy Empire  Jedi Academy Empire - A Server-Side Extension for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
The Jedi Academy Album  Thanks to Bubu for maintaining this rad collection of screenshots.
The JA Photo Collection  Yes we are real people. :) Battlin Billy runs our Real Life (TM) Photo Album
The official mIRC site  mIRC is the best Windows-based chat client. Get it now!
NNScript for mIRC  The best/most common used script for mIRC.
LucasFiles  JediKnight Downloads
Colloquy  A Mac OSX IRC Chat Client