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Oct 18 2012 03:29am

 - Student
Hey Guy

I was wondering if i be able to have permission on the behalf of the Jedi Council on making a Promotion video on youtube, stating that there is still a active "Jedi Academy" Community, cause i think i can get JK2/3 Players (old player aswel as new players) this video will have no "Copyright Violations" its gonna be a campain to bring back players into a wonderful game such as jedi academy & jedi outcast, cause i have came across some active players on Jedi Academy, but i know it may be waste of my time but it will still show that i try.

but anyways i wanna do this cause i feel like it be a good thing to do the recording will be in HD 1080p and i got a feeling that i can do this :) so please accept my request :)

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Oct 25 2012 10:56am

 - Student
 - The winner!!!

I'm not a JAC but I don't see why they would have a problem with this. As long as it doesn't make us all look like prats and is in good taste of course. ;).

- Z.

This comment was edited by Everon on Nov 29 2012 10:31am.

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