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4.2.1: Specials -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:06am
There are two very cool special moves that you can perform in blue stance:

The Backstab
The Lunge

A move in which your character stabs his saber backwards, in order to stab it into someone’s belly. This is how to perform the backstab: make sure you stand with your back towards the enemy. Then push backwards (S or down arrow on keyboard) and push fire. Keep backwards pushed.

Advanced: If you don't want your oponent to know you're about to backstab, you'll have to turn your back towards him as late as possible. Run towards him, then turn around and perform the move (S/down arrow+fire).

Also, it is possible to perform the backstab in air. Just add a small jump right when you are about to do the backstab. It may take you some time to get it right, but it will leave you less open that the usual stab.

Editor: Most players recommend that you do not do this during a duel. It’s too slow and leaves you open to attack. It looks cool though!

A move in which your character crouches, dips his saber quickly down, and then slashes upwards with the quick lunge movement. This is how to perform the lunge: crouch (C on keyboard) and move forward. Then push fire, while keeping the other two buttons (C and W/ up arrow) pushed.

Advanced: When in a duel, your opponent will know that you're about to lunge when you do it as described above. To do it directly from running, you have to keep walking (Shift on keyboard) pushed, and then do the lunge key combination (C+Forward+fire) as fast as you can. It is all about training, best would be to train lunges on an empty server yourself. Start with lunges while standing, practice it from full running and go over to lunges and the end of turns, jumps or kicks.

Note: The lunge is performed the same way for JK:JA, but now it takes away 25 force points.

In JK:JA, there are a few additional specials and moves:

-Normal Blue Kata
Press the Attack button (default: Mouse 1) and the Alternate Attack button (default: Mouse 2) at the same time. This move costs 50 Force Points to perform.

-Alternate Blue Kata
Make sure your Lightsaber is on, then just before you do the Normal Blue Kata press your Saber Off Key. Then you should see your character perform the Blue Kata with it’s Lightsaber off. Normally you would let go of Attack + Alternate Attack after the Normal Blue Kata, but now hold it and you should see your characters Lightsaber ignite again and do the Alternate Blue Kata. This move costs 80 Force Points to perform.

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