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7.3.1: Photography 101 -Acey Spadey - Mar 26 06:02am
So, you want to take screenshots, huh? To take prize-winning photographs, the budding photographer needs more than just bind screenshot in his or her bag of tricks. Listed below are three commands that will ensure the amateur’s photography meets with universal approval.

cg_draw2d ! - removes the Heads Up Display (HUD) graphics as well as the leader icon and the scoreboard.

cg_drawgun ! - removes weapons from first person view.

cl_noprint ! - removes all chat display from other players and game messages from the screen.

Only use these commands with the “!” value when you are binding them to keys. (see Notes about console commands with 0 and 1 values listed at beginning of document)

Once you have bound these commands you’re ready to begin! Remove the HUD and other game graphics. Then, switch to first person view and remove the gun. You now have a completely clear from which to compose your masterpieces! Once you’ve lined up your subject, press the key bound to the cl_noprint ! command to eliminate the chance of annoying chat appearing in your final shot.

Congratulations! You have taken your first Jedi Knight 2 or JA screenshot!

Another method to get exciting, memorable screenshots is to enter spectator mode. Once in spectator mode, press your cl_noprint ! and cg_draw2d ! button to remove the text from the screen. You can now move around freely, floating to previously unreachable heights to gain astounding screenshots, which will wow your friends and impress the opposite sex.

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Aug 13 2004 09:08pm

 - Padawan

Another nice thing to use is cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0 (standard 0.3)
This will cause the camera to remain at it's current position and work as a tracking cam on the player... can be used for great scenery shots. Combine with the methods mentioned above.
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Mar 31 2004 03:14am

Battlin' Billy
 - Student
 Battlin' Billy

I just wanna say that I can't take any credit for this section. I don't recall exactly who did this. It was either Sared, underhill or SirBizNatch, I think, I honestly don't remember.

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