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4.6.1: Specials -PlooKoon - Nov 01 02:03am
Dual Sabers features a few specials:

Kata- If you press Primary Attack + Alt attack at the same time you will start the kata. You begin to crouch and your two sabers spin around above you.

Flurry- Whilst holding Crouch, then pressing forward and attack at the same time, your player will start what is known as the flurry where you stand still and you swing your sabers in front of you.

Dual Butterfly- When you press forward+jump+attack, it causes the player to begin a series of jumps and spins with the saber also swinging.
The Kata
The Kata

The Flurry
The Flurry

The Butterfly
The Butterfly

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May 10 2008 01:44am

 - Aidan

if you link flurry and kata together you can sometimes do a one shot kill because when you do flurry your opponent go's after you with a lunge/stab so after flurry do kata and you will avoid the stab/lunge and they will be stuck in the middle of a kata.:)
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Apr 19 2005 01:26am

 - Student

the dual butterfuly is actaully called a twirl... its in the hand book you get when you buy the game. The butterfly had its name transfered soem how on the xbox and the computer for naming the move, when the butterfuly is the name for specificly the staff.
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