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4.7.1: Differences between Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight -D@RtHM@UL - Nov 01 02:22am
The biggest changes between Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (JKII) and Jedi Knight: Jedi
Academy (JK:JA) are, of course, the new Katas. This is a special move that is different
for each of the three stances in JK:JA. Also, the Cartwheel is a new acrobatic move to
JK:JA that was not in JKII.

Another difference: the DFA’s (Death From Above) are now executed slightly different
then in JKII, thusly making them a bit harder to perform. When performing the Yellow
DFA (YDFA) in JKII, you could spin around freely while performing the YDFA. In JK:JA
however, while performing the YDFA the camera will turn around automatically,
decreasing your own input in the spin. An advantage in JK:JA is that you are now able
to perform the YDFA even when there is no opponent around. In my opinion the YDFA in
JK:JA has stayed pretty equal to the JKII one.

The Red DFA (RDFA) has lost some of its own 'specials'; namely, the Kick RDFA, the
Instant RDFA and the Air RDFA. This has made the RDFA lose a lot of its power
because it cannot be used anymore whilst jumping from a higher platform and
performing it right after you land off of a wall run. The RDFA, albeit these “losses”, is
still a powerful move which can cause serious damage to any opponent. In my
opinion, the RDFA in JK:JA is significantly weaker then it was in JKII, but seeing the
“abuse” of the move by a lot of people in JKII, the changes have increased the fun of
duelling, especially for people new to the game.

The Lunge, the special ability for the Blue Stance, has not changed from the JKII one.

Duelling in JK:JA, compared with JKII, is different as well, because of the damage of the
moves. In JKII, almost any Red Stance move could bring serious damage, in JK:JA the
side swings, both horizontally as diagonally, are the “high damage” moves.

But, other than mentioned above, the Single Saber has pretty much stayed the same in
JK:JA from JKII. Thus, JKII players won’t have to completely relearn JK:JA Single Saber.

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Jun 14 2009 05:29pm

 - Student

the physics is also different
Also the damage is never location based in JO, in JA you can turn it on or off, if i dont mistake :p

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