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1.1.5: Rules (formal and informal) -Halendor - Jan 15 10:05pm
In addition to the official rules all below rules are about respect and using your head.  Do not do anything stupid and you will stay out of trouble. There are a few special rules and etiquettes you must follow to show your fellow students your respect.


Do not attack someone while the chat icon is above his / her head.

When there is a chat icon over someone’s head it usually means he / she is chatting or away from their keyboard. They can’t defend themselves if you attack them.

Do not abuse the above rule by constantly bringing up the console during a fight.

It is considered very annoying if you bring up the chat dialog or console constantly during a fight or duel. If you want to avoid getting hit, try to jump or roll out of the way.

Do not use abusive language.

A small amount of swearing is ok, but if you take it over the top, you will get a warning. Racist, sexist or homophobic talk is extremely forbidden.



Below are no rules you must follow, but you should. Violating any of these guidelines is considered unfriendly and might create hostility.


Before the duel begins, crouch [C] and move your view downwards [MOUSE]. This way it will look like you’re bowing.

Thanking your opponent

When either of you dies, the duel is over. You may thank your opponent by typing "good fight", or something similar.

As said above, these procedures are only recommended. It’s up to you if you follow them, make sure you at least leave room for you opponent to follow these guidelines as he / she wishes.


Listen to the teacher and follow his instructions.

Explaining things in-game already takes a considerable amount of time, because the teacher has to type everything manually through the chat dialogue. Make sure you read all his text and follow his instructions immediately. If you missed something, bring up the console [SHIFT + ~] and use PGUP and PGDN to scroll through it.

Stick to the topic, do not start talking or asking about completely different subjects.

Every class is held around a certain topic. Do not start babbling about something completely different and only ask the teacher or fellow students questions when they are relevant. If you want to chat with someone in private about something else, use messagemode3, although this is not recommended, since you might miss an important bit of class.

Keep chatter to a minimum.

Only chat if you have something relevant to say (see above rule). Only say things like "I understand", if the teacher asks you if you understand. In general, don’t interrupt when the teacher is speaking, it makes it hard for the other students to keep track of what the teacher is saying.

Learn from the other students.

If you have to wait while other students do an exercise, try to learn from the things the participating students are doing right or wrong, do not move around and do not annoy other students and / or teachers.


DO NOT fire weapons inside the temple.

This only applies to the jedi_academy map. You are allowed to pick up weapons and walk back into the temple, but it’s forbidden to fire them at all, even when you’re not aiming at a specific player. The temple is a quiet place where people practice their saber skills, and they do not want to be disturbed by the blips and flashes of guns.

DO NOT mine the courtyard door.

This rule also applies only to the jedi_academy map. Do not mine the courtyard door. Players who want to walk into the courtyard will get blown up, have to respawn and try to enter the courtyard again. Leave the courtyard open for everyone.

Make sure you remove (shoot) all your mines before leaving the server.

Mines stay, even when you leave the server. Clean up your mess to prevent someone being blown up by a lost mine. Shoot your mine from a safe distance until it blows up.

DO NOT start a Free-For-All (FFA) fight unless everyone has agreed to one.

If you want to start a FFA, announce where you want it to take place. If enough players are up for it, go there and have some fun. Make sure you don’t shoot anyone outside the space where the FFA is being held.


No scripts except the Official Jedi-Academy Script

The only legal script is the Official Jedi-Academy Script, all other scripts that give you an unfair advantage over the other players are forbidden.

Breaking the Rules

If you break the rules, you get a warning and you’ll have to explain yourself to a teacher, knight or council member plus you will get kicked from the server. After two warnings your account will be, permanently or temporarily, removed and you will be banned from the servers and IRC channels. If you re-register before your account is activated again, you will be banned permanently.

If you see someone breaking the rules, try to explain to the rulebreaker what rule he / she is breaking and ask them politely to stop. Do not fight back, you will lower yourself to their level and it will only worsen the situation. If this doesn’t work, go to mIRC (#jedi-academy on Quakenet) and try to find a trainer, knight or council member to solve the situation. If there is no one available, make a demo and a screenshot and send it to one of the council members.

Reports are only valid if they are backed up by a demo and a screenshot of the said act or there are two teachers who are able to confirm the report.

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