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Here's the scoop! -planK - Mar 16 06:02pm

There's been no news posts for a while because we've all been so busy playing SWTOR and other fun games, so here's the skinny on current events!

The Website: A new website is almost complete, but our talented and sexually attractive architect Virtue has been swamped with rl commitments, hence the delay in getting it up. In the meantime, if you play SWTOR come and check out our temporary Jedi Academy SWTOR guild site! All of our Jedi Knight II/Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy content will remain on in the meantime!

Play JKA Capture The Flag? Check out the NovaGenesis Spring 2012 Tournament!

And finally, play Starcraft 2. It's so awesome omg.

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Mar 17 2012 10:41pm

Alex Dkana
 - Staff
 Alex Dkana

Extra, extra, read all about it!
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