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10th Anniversary events and more! -planK - Apr 20 06:43pm

With our 10th anniversary coming up in May, we're celebrating with a series of events within the JA community - and first up is the Jedi Academy 10th Anniversary tournament! You can sign up for the tournament here - signups will end on April 22nd and the tournament will begin on April 23rd. A $50 Amazon gift card goes to the winner, and a $20 Amazon gift card will go to the runner up, so don't miss out!

Alexander D'Kana, the leader of our European SWTOR guild, has also posted a thread where members of the JA community can share their memories and experiences.

There's much more to come in the next few weeks; stay tuned! :)

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Apr 26 2012 08:10pm

Cloud Senatu
 - Student
 Cloud Senatu

This has been announced for a good month or so now, there was a good amount of warning I must say ;)

:alliance: Cloud Senatu :empire:

Apr 26 2012 08:01pm

 - Student

Dangit, not much of warning.
:alliance: Light and Dark :empire:
Why not both?.

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