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Dec 17 2003 06:15pm

 - The Tarped Avenger

I edited the missing shader thread, so check back there for your answer. :D
Saving the world, one kilobyte at a time.

Mar 31 2003 11:36pm

TiTo (inactive)
 - Student
 TiTo (inactive)

Welcome to the Jedi Academy!:)

If there's anything, just write:)
Not back yet... I'll come one day, I hope...
The madman formerly (and still) known as Tito!
Coming to take back my title as "Most insane 'person' in the JA"
It's the bizzi, wizza, jizzi, Wizzil, Bizon, wizzay, Wizzat, fizzil ¶°TiTo°¶ - All work and no play makes Tito burn the bacon!:) - Officially cured from spamming!!!

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