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Rosales fernan "Rosales" rosales

Location:  argentina
Occupation:  student
Interests:  adventure
AIM Screenname:  non
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Last Comment:  Forums: Richest man in the world: Free Culture advocates = Commies
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Jan 18 2005 12:38am

Mic Den Octela
 - Student
 Mic Den Octela

Welcome to the JA :P... like Sete said. Remember don't forget to ask anyone if you need to know anything :P... see ya around hopefully.
-Padawan of Virtue -Brother of Menaxia, *|irael, Krynn Adept, Majno, Ris Win Juljul, DaMi3N, Beowulf, Dash Starlight, Carrock and Yuken Zalak Bartender at Munes bar. Sir Mic of Nippledom! Proudly beating Wang, since '07. (Crackdown)

Jan 07 2005 08:03am

 - Jedi Master

Welcome to the JA. If you need to know anything, feel free to drop me a line. ;)

Have fun!

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