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1.2.1: Classes -Mune - Jan 15 11:04pm
Classes here are one of the main features of the Academy. The Jedi Academy Trainers (JAT) and the occasional Knight (JAK) run these fine classes. Sure, you can go to the home server and learn something, but if you want to learn a lot about certain things, just take a gandar over to the classes page to check out all of the courses we offer.

Classes are over many things and we recommend you take as many as you can, as they are enjoyable and you really can learn a lot. As far as ettiquite, just act as would at a real school; show your instructor(s) respect, do what they tell you, and keep your cool. If you have questions, ask away whenver they ask you if you have questions. This cuts down on everybody spamming the chat box.

Just have fun.

Here's how to enroll / get to a class:

In picture one, you see Mune's class: THE ULTIMATE! This is just the basic screen. As you can see, it tells you what game the class is in, the server it is hosted on, who the instructor is and, how long it will last.

In this next picture, the part circled in red is the class description. This gives you an idea of what to expect of the class and what you can learn.

If the class has spots open, you will see the words "Enroll in this class!" underneath everyone on the roster. Just click it and you are enrolled! However, if the class is full, then you will see This class is full in italics. However, usually, not all of the enrolled actually end up attending the classes. Just join the server and ask if you may participate. More times than not, it is okay, but not always. Keep that in mind.

One special thing to take note of: the time. As long as you set your time zone in your profile to wherever you are in the world, all times on the site are in your time. Fancy, no? So, make sure you can attend the class at that time. If you can't, please un-enroll so someone else can take your place. However, we do understand that things come up.

If you need help joining the server, please refer to this article here

Happy learning!

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