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1.2.2: Master/Padawan relationships -DJ Sith - Jan 15 11:05pm
Please do not ask for a master / padawan in the comments of this section. Thank you.

In the Academy, higher ranked members who have proven their dedication are officially allowed to take on newer students as Padawans/Apprentices. Some students have also decided to take on un-official Padawans.

There are many different ways to obtain a Master. You should get someone who you are compatible with and preferably someone who usually plays at the same times you do. Some Masters will search for Padawans, either on the forums or privately in the servers, and usually have a simple system (ie. answering questions or just playing with them for a while) for choosing. Others will wait for Padawans to approach them. Like always, you should be respectful and courteous. I f you don't get a Master right away, don't be discouraged (you don't need to sport a JAP/JAA tag on your name to be cool). You can learn a lot in classes too. Think of Masters like Tutors at school. You get the same stuff, it's just more personal and more effective.

The relationship between Masters and their Padawans is built on respect and friendship. A lot of time may be spent training, practicing, or just having fun on the servers. A Master and Padawan will usually become good "internet friends".

The actual training part varies. Some Masters have multiple Padawans and hold small classes while others prefer to train one on one.

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Jan 25 2011 03:10pm

darth tyranus
 - Student

Master's take on something couled a youngling and they become the masters padawan and the more battle's they do the more they get to know each over :)
lets battle

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