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1.2.3: Glossary of common terms. -Cyb - Jan 15 11:11pm
The following acronyms are common throughout the Internet and in the gaming scene:

AFK: Away From Keyboard. Chat abbreviation indicating that the player is away from the game temporarily.

AKA: Also Known As

ASAP: As Soon As Possible.

BAK: Actually means: Back At Keyboard, most of the time people just use “back”.

BBF / BBIF / BBIAF / BIAF: Be Back in a Few (minutes).

BBL: Be Back Later.

BBS: Be Back Soon.

BRB: Be Right Back.

BTW: By The Way

BUFU: by you, f**k you

CTF: Capture The Flag. Gamemode in Jedi Knight 2 where a team tries to steal the flag from the other team, and tries to defend their own flag see section 6 “gamemodes”.

CTY: Capture the Ysalamiri. Gamemode in Jedi Knight 2, basically CTF with some changes see section 6 “gamemodes”.

CU, CYA: See you later.

DFA: Death From Above. 2 special moves in Jedi Knight 2 that do massive damage.

Emote: A command for making a move to express your feelings. For a list see Section 7 ‘Console’.

FFA: A gamemode where everybody can kill everyone.

FFS: For f**k sake.

FPS: Apart from first person shooter it means: Frames Per Second. A measure of the performance of the graphics engine in a 3d application. The higher your FPS, the smoother your experience will be.

FUBU: for us, by us

FU: f**k you

G2G: Got to Go

GF: Good fight.

GG: Good game.

GJ: good job

GL: Good luck.

GMMF: Good Mach My Friend

HFFA: Holocron Free For All. A gamemode in Jedi Knight 2, basically FFA but instead of having force powers you can pick them up see section 6 “gamemodes”.

IMO, IMHO: In My Opinion, In My Humble/Honest Opinion.

IRC: Internet Relayed Chat. Chat system used by the Jedi Academy members to chat.

IRL: In Real Life

JA: Jedi Academy, where this is all about see

JAA: Jedi Academy apprentice. Same as JAP but for darksiders only.

JAC: Jedi Academy Council. Highest rank in the JA (the leaders), see section 1 ‘Academy info’ ‘ranks’.

JAK: Jedi Academy Knight. Rank in the JA, see section 1 ‘Academy info’ ‘ranks’.

JAP: Jedi Academy Padawan. Means you have a master that teaches you. Can be used generally or for light siders

JAS: Jedi Academy Student. Most comman rank in the JA, see section 1 ‘Academy info’ ‘ranks’.

JAT: Jedi Academy Teacher, Rank in the JA, someone that gives classes, see section 1 ‘Academy info’ à ‘ranks’.

JK, J/K: Jedi Knight, Just Kidding.

JK2: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The game played in the Jedi Academy.

JM: Jedi Master, a fully trained Jedi but also a Gamemode in Jedi Knight 2 where one guy is a jedi and the rest are people without force and saber but with guns see section 6 “gamemodes”.

K: Okay.

L33T, 1337: Pronounced as ‘leet’, abbreviation for ‘elite’, means skilled.

Lag: Latency experienced during play resulting from any of several difficulties, including Internet traffic and breakdowns, server-side problems, and/or client-side problems.

Lame: Term for false/weak/cheesy/cheap playing. For example things like chatkilling or attacking people having their saber down.

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off. A bit stronger expression of humour than LOL.

LOL: Laughing Out Loud.

Lunge: Special move in Jedi Knight 2, performed in blue stance. See Section 4 ‘Saber’.

Matrix: In the JA: the most common duel room in the official Jedi Academy Map. See Section 1 ‘Academy info’ & ‘Academy tour’.

MMORPG: massive multiplayer online role playing game

MTFBWY: May be the force be with you

N1: nice one

Ne1: anyone

Newbie, noob, n00b, newb: A young, inexperienced player. Sometimes used as an insult.

NP: No Problem.

NT: No thanks.

NVM, NM: Never Mind.

OMG: Oh My God, Oh My Gosh

PLZ: Please

PPL: People

RDFA: Red Death From Above. Special move in Jedi Knight 2, performed in red stance. See Section 4 ‘Saber’.

RE: returned, also used as the common IRC greeting word.

RL(tm): Real Life

ROFL: Rolling On the Flour Laughing. Sometimes combined with LMAO to ROFLMAO.

RTFM: Read The f**king Manual

STFU: Shut The f**k Up

SU: Shut Up

SW: Star Wars.

th(n)x: thanks

TY: Thank You.

TFFA: Team Free For All. A gamemode in Jedi Knight 2 where you work in a team to kill the people of the other team. See section 6 “gamemodes”.

U2: you too

WB: Welcome Back.

w/o: without

WTF: What The f**k. An expletive expressing astonishment.

wysiwyg = what you see is what you get, not really JA related but is mostly used for naming programs to create eg websites where the program creates the code for you.

YDFA: Yellow Death From Above. Special move in Jedi Knight 2, performed in yellow stance. See Section 4 ‘Saber’.

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