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1.2.6: Ranks -Icco - Jan 16 02:59am
We have a small rank system here. For a list of who's who check our about us page.

Jedi Academy Council (JAC) - The council is the head of the academy. It decides about important issues like the future of the academy and has the last word in settling conflicts etc. Besides Doobie and DJ there are some other council members who got promoted due to their extraordinary dedication towards the JA and for their constant good work. Council members should be treated highly respectful, as they keep sure this place exists at all.

Jedi Academy Staff (JAStaff) - The staff members all do a specific work for the academy, like for example build the official map, post news etc. However, they don’t have any access to admin commands nor are they “higher” than other students in any way. The rank solely exists for honoring them and pointing their work out.

Jedi Academy Master (JAM) - These are teachers who are constantly doing a good work and get this rank as a form of recognition. Masters are somewhat like the old school and definitely the right person to address to if you either want to learn advanced moves or have an important issue to discuss.

Jedi Academy Teacher (JAT) - Teachers are the heart of the academy. They keep running classes on weekly basis and have full access to admin commands to keep order on servers. These are the right guys to ask if you have a serious problem or want to learn some extra stuff. Notice however that they’re only human and have to care about many other things. Be patient with them, and respect them for their hard work for the academy. (Note: The rank of Jedi Instructor is the same as Teacher.)

Jedi Academy Knight (JAK) - Knights are the bridge between the upper management and the students, so if you feel ignored from the big boys, go to the JAKs and they will support you. These are the students’ best friends. Treat them that way. They are meant to assist the teachers on giving classes, keeping order on servers and generally helping students out. Knights are not chosen for “l33t” skills (although they should be good fighters of course) but for their attitude. Also, they have limited access to admin commands, so they can keep order at the servers as well. If you’re having trouble or want to learn some basic stuff, knights are the first place to go to.

Jedi Academy Student (JAS) - This is the basic rank. Everyone starts here and most people will stay there forever. Students have access to the forum; they may enroll to a class and ask for becoming a padawan. Although it is considered the “lowest” rank, be proud of being it! Without you, the academy has no point at all, and you keep this place alive. The management digs the riverbed, the students are the water. In addition, there is a subset of the students called Padawans. Knights and above can take on padawans. This is to encourage private training and to help students improving. You can ask for becoming a padawan in the general discussion of the forum or directly address to a JAK/JAT. Notice however those guys are generally pretty busy and they cannot take everybody. Also, the Padawan rank is merely a recognition that a student is being privately trained by a staff member. It is not in anyway higher than the normal student rank, and students are encouraged to remember that the real rank of padawan is "student"

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