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1.2.5: How to get on the Jedi Academy IRC (chat) channel -Aron - Jan 16 02:08am
Part 1: The Basics

First of all, you will have to download mIRC. Get it at
I assume you know how to install a program, so im not going to describe that here.

At the initial launch of mIRC, you will get an initial connection screen (see fig 1).

Enter the following info in the fields:

Fullname: Your fullname, or some fake name, rather
Email address: Your email address. This one can be fake too.
Nickname: This is the nickname you will be using when chatting
Alternative: This is the nickname you will use when your regular nickname is already being used.

Now you will want to tell mIRC the server you want to connect to, in this case, its Quakenet (see fig 2).

From the dropdown list, select Quakenet. Its there by default, so don't worry.

Now, you will want to select the server closest to you, since you don't want to be lagging (see fig 3).

From the second dropdown list, select the server closest to you.

Your pretty much good to go now. Click on the "Connect to server button". You should get a bunch of messages about network policies, users, etc. Read them if you like, or don't.

Now you will want to join the academy irc channel. Type this in your window (see fig 4):

/JOIN #jedi-academy

Now press enter, and voila, you're in the academy channel! (see fig 5) :)

Part 2: Quakenet services

Quakenet has certain services for their users, which allow them to register channels, or login to bots, to make the channel admin's work a lot easier. In this part, i will explain how create an account, and how you authorize for it.

First, switch back to your status channel. Please ALWAYS TYPE COMMANDS IN YOUR STATUS WINDOW. Typos are very easily made, and i have seen plenty of people accidentally typing their passwords in public *cough* bubu *cough*.

Now, in your status window, type /MSG Q HELLO Youremailaddress Youremailaddress (see fig 6)

Make sure you enter a valid email address, since your password will be sent there. Now press Enter. You will get some messages informing you that your password has been sent to your email.

Read your email, and follow the instructions there. I'm not going to explain how to authorize, since it is already said in the email you will receive.

Its a pain in the arse to type /MSG auth yournick yourpass every time you connect, so there is a way to make this a lot easier.

Press ALT-O, to go to your options screen, and goto Connect --> Perform.
In this window you see now, click the "Add" button, and select Quakenet from the dropdown list.
Make sure it says "Quakenet" in the dropdown list.
Now in the editable area, type /MSG AUTH Yourauthnick Yourpassword
Check the "Enable perform on connect" option (see fig 7).

Now, this command will be executed every time you connect to the network.

You're done!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me (Aron) on my profile, on the forums, or by email. (aronr [dot] home [dot] nl)

Good luck!

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