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1.3.1: Jedi Academy Timeline: 2002 -Mune - Jan 16 03:50am
Here's a summary of some important, and some not-so-important Academy events! Starting from the very beginning, enjoy the thrills, chills, and memories brought to you exclusively by the Holocron Project...

Editor: Thus begins The Jedi Academy, 7 June 2002...


Well I guess it's official...: DJ Sith: Jun 07 02:29pm
We got our very own news post on, so I guess we must be open for business now. I understand that we're getting boatloads of trainer applications now. Everyone that applied will get tested, rest assured.


IRC Channel Open: massadoobie: Jun 11 01:51pm:
Yes that's true, we have our IRC channel open and ready to go. Just log onto enter the game ( and join #ja

I need to warn you in advance though... this channel is for controlled conversations about the game (techniques, classes, etc.) with the occasional off: topic conversation allowed. That means if you're gonna be a pest, flaming people or causing any sort of mayhem, you will get kicked first, then banned, no questions asked.

In other news, the Academy map is done, and we're working on a major announcement regarding servers. Don't you just hate when people hint at stuff but keep you waiting?


Jedi Academy Map Final Version Available: massadoobie: Jun 26 04:57pm
The final version of the map is available for download here: ( ). It's about 1.5 megabytes, and is the absolute final version. So if you have any minor stuff you want or tweaks you wish (or even having Bespin on the other side of the broken doors, don't email me please. However if you have major problems with it, lemme know. The best thing you can do is delete the old jedi_academy.bsp from your gamedata/base folder (if you downloaded it), and install the new version after that.


Viruses are no fun: massadoobie: Jun 30 11:37am
That's right, one (or a few) of you are sending me the Klez virus on a fairly regular basis. And since Klez is a sneaky bastard and changes the email it's from to disguise the host, I can't let you know you're infected individually. So here's a word of warning. If you have anti: virus software, make sure it's working and up to date. And if you don't, first of all why not? You never know when you might accidently open an infected file. So do yourself a favor and go here to make sure you don't have the virus, and then GET A FREAKING ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM.


New Trainer... and new Lead Trainer!!!: massadoobie: Jul 20 09:37pm
I'd... like to congratulate the lovely and talented Silent Whisper on her promotion/appointment to Lead Trainer. Basically she'll be the official Trainer on trainer tryouts, as well as being the head of the trainers... So if trainers have any problems they're nervous about coming straight to me or DJ about, they can go through her. Congrats you sexy thang!


Rankings updated!!!: massadoobie: Sep 29 06:15pm: Hell has finally frozen over, and the Council has finally gotten around to updating the rankings. That's right, there's a whole slew of new ranks out there for you to look forward to. Interested? Click Here to read them. All students are initiates by default.

Now, before things get out of control, let me clarify something you might not understand from the FAQ... do not request trials (unless the description specifically says so). That is the worst way to get promoted. Promotions are meant for members we see who deserve it, not for people who ask the most. Please don't flood the JATs and JACs with trial requests. Also, the exact questions and trial proceedings haven't been finalized by the Council yet, so there won't be any promotions for a few days until we can get that stuff done.


L: rod dances off into the sunset... : massadoobie: Oct 29 02:45am:
I know this is a few days late but... yea. Here it is, straight from the Roddyman himself:

"Although this is probably my 1st comment on my own profile, it unfortunately will be my last.

I've been training here at the academy for a pretty long time, seen members all of types come and go. I've had a lot of fun here at the academy helping others, and it was definitely a blast.

But the time has come for me to pick up my saber and continue on with my own path in life. It probably would be better to head out on top anyway,lol. I wish the academy the best of luck, and hope that it will continue to be as strong in the future.

Farewell to all, and to all one last dance:

*slaps on Essa Rios music*

Rod was one of our original trainers, and the oldest member of the Academy we had besides DJ and I. We wish him the best of luck in all the *dances that will come in the future.

*UPDATE* For those of you who have never actually heard the Essa Rios music... Here it is. ( )


Nov 01 04:19am: Bubu
"congrats on your magnificent achievement!! grabs into his robes, gets out the oscar he stole (see my profile) and hands it over to aeth, shaking his hand. We will call this the Doobie Awards for amazing comment achievements! "


Supreme Chancellor: massadoobie: Nov 06 05:55pm:
Ladies and Gentleman, the votes are in, and here are the results:

cHoSeN oNe 12 votes
Zero 3 votes
Loaf 1 vote
Eclipse 5 votes
Zip 2 votes (but he's quitting the academy, so he gets ZERO votes)
Jumpin Jedi 4 votes

I would like to congratulate our new Jedi Academy Supreme Chancellor... CHOSEN ONE! It was a well: fought race by everyone, but frankly, this result was never in doubt (since cHoSeN came up with the idea). The Council will be in contact with cHoSeN: oNe to sort out the details of his job, but for now, everyone just congratulate him on his victory!


State of the Jedi Academy Address: massadoobie: Nov 09 01:52pm
::adjusts microphone and waits for rousing standing ovation to settle::

Ladies and gentleman of the Jedi Academy, it is I, your leader, massadoobie, here to present to you the state of the Academy.

Well, the last couple days have been rather interesting, to say the least. Going back to when L: Rod left, there's been a lot of stuff going on, some of it good, some of it bad. On the good side we've had a few promotions in the trainers ranks (Zero to Mentor, Avalon to Council), cHoSeN: oNe becoming Supreme Chancellor (although the dark side clouds his future... , we've launched our learner and journeyman trials (and finally gotten the site updated to match), we've added another Huxley server, and we've taught a lot of good people civility and skill.

On the bad side, there have been entirely too many arguments lately. Students fighting with students, students fighting with trainers, trainers fighting with trainers, all sorts of stupid petty crap. It's time to put a stop to all of this. From now on, if any JACs or JATs see you arguing without even trying to set your egos or whatever aside to settle the argument, you will receive a warning. Yes, that seems strict considering you only get two warnings, but to be honest, all this fighting is over stupid stuff. Also, the Council and the Trainers will be having a meeting tomorrow to discuss, amongst other things, trainer conduct. I know this is a big concern for a lot of you, and it is for us as well.

Furthermore (don't you love those connecting words you learned in English class?), we're in the process of analyzing the ranking structure to see if we can improve things. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, we do read almost all of the comments made on newsposts and sent to us via email, and there have been a lot of good ideas tossed about. Our job now is to take those ideas, mold them so that they can apply best to the JA, and implement them (quickly).

A few things for everyone to look out for. We're going to be having new JATs very soon. Six JATs just isn't enough. We're also going to be doing the aforementioned ranking structure changes... more details on that when we actually have them. Knight trials will be coming soon as well (although remember that you have to be recommended by a JAC or JAT to receive a knight trial). Someday, eventually, hopefully, Derelict Crusader will finish the Jedi Academy Map, version 2.0.

To finish this off, I'd like to make a plea to all of you. One of the main objectives when we started the Academy was to have a place where maturity and respect would reign above all else. For the most part I feel as though we've acheived this objective. I have been truly impressed by the maturity level, civility, and respect a majority of our members show towards one another. However of late that has been missing a bit. What I would like is for every member of the Academy, from the Council on down through to the newest Initiate, to take a look at themselves and how they treat the other members. If you see yourself treating others without the respect that they deserve as people (even if you don't personally respect them), then you have two choices. One, you can (and I recommend this) try and fix your attitude towards others and see if you can turn the other cheek and treat everyone with respect. Or two... You can leave the Academy. It's that simple. To be honest, we don't want you here if you're going to be rude, disruptive, ego: driven, or disrespectful to ANYONE (and that includes everyone, including our favorite Scot JumpinJedi... I point out his name only because he seems to be a lightning rod for trouble... some of it deserved, some of it not. But he's a prime example of someone who has turned the other cheek (most of the time) and whom a lot of others must turn the other cheek about).

Along the same lines, I must make an apology to anyone I offended with my post about the Knights Council earlier. Although I didn't mean it negatively when I said some people wanted power they didn't deserve, I can see how people could misconstrue that as being a slap in the face. So to those people, I'm sorry.

Members of the Academy, we have a great thing going here. Lets try to keep it that way. Feel free, as always, to email the Council email account ( if you need anything. Also, feel free to leave us comments on this news post. See you on the servers!

::walks out quickly before anyone wakes up from trying to read this long post::


The Jedi Academy Thanksgiving Tournament!: aValon: Nov 15 03:26am

This is an event that is going to be amazing. Padawan Huxley and Zero are going to assist me in what is going to be our first JA Tournament. There is no requirement to attend this, however there is a maximum of 40 students that can attend for this. This is for Students ONLY no JATs or JACs will be In the tournament. Leave a comment if you wish to apply. There is a prize however it will be kept secret The first 40 Applicants will be admited, after that you can wait for the next tournament or be our audience when it takes place. More information will be posted as I get more responses.

P.S. I need at least 20 pple to have a tournament and 40 is the most. The Actual starting date and Time for the Tournament is on Wednesday the 20th of Nov. at 10pm EST. and It ends on Wed the 27th of November. Thank you and lets make this a blast! (Mune note: You download a demo created by Zero of the opening ceremonies here )


Hell freezes over... : massadoobie: Nov 15 12:18pm:
...because our resident kilt wearer, JumpinJedi, has been promoted (again) to JAT! In all seriousness, JJ deserved this promotion, and we wish him the best of luck and look forward to the wacky classes he'll be teaching. Good job Scotchie!


Jedi Academy Six Month Anniversary: massadoobie: Nov 16 08:55pm
Today truly is a historical day, as the Jedi Academy celebrated it's 6: month anniversary of being open. That's right, it was 6 months ago today, the 17th, that I completed the first test version of the site and posted it to our address for the then: leader JediSith999 to approve, which he did. This was also right around the time that DJ Sith joined the Academy, first as a server host alone, but then as the webmaster (as it became clear that JediSith999 was leaving and my web design skills, well, sucked compared to DJ's). It was little more than 2 weeks later that we opened for trainer applications. ( )

As part of a mini: celebration for this fairly impressive anniversary (considering I would not have been shocked if this place died within a month), I've posted the original site design for your enjoyment and my embarassment. I do have to say, however, that a lot of the ideas I had for content have stayed around, including our tag line at the end... but the visual appeal of the site has definitely improved since then! Be forewarned, however, that a lot of the stuff is broken, including the email addresses for me and JediSith999 (the email addresses were too much of a hassle to deal with).

Now for a bit of news on the future of the site. Our dear friend, Mapboy Derelict Crusader is alive and has posted a zip file of screenshots for the map expansion. He also sent me this in the mail:

I'm uploadin' some new screenshots as I write this...

Just know that I'm still at it

PS: The dark areas in the screenshots are not final, I still have to add A LOT of light entities...

Ummmm I guess you can post these just to reassure the people that it's slowly getting there.

And one more thing... if you're wondering who was the first OFFICIAL batch of Jedi Academy members, look for for a number that's less than 100 (or so) in their profile ID. Those are the original originals!


v2 Map Released!: DJ Sith: Nov 20 07:47pm
That's right ladies and germs. The new map is out! You can all get it here ( ). It's already up on my servers and should be on the other servers soon. We think you'll like the changes and additions. Big big thanks to =Derelict: Crusader= for crafting this masterpiece for us!


THE TOURNAMENT, IS OVER!: aValon: Nov 27 06:28pm:
This historic day will be remembered as the first finishing of a Jedi Academy Tournament. Today in an epic battle for the Championship, Shadow Sith was victorious against Muffin: Man. He as a result of winning the tournament has earned the prize and Rank of Knight and the Gold Medal. Muffin: Man Faught very well and earned the Silver medal. Please Congradulate both of them in person or leaving a comment under their profile. They Have earned it. I myself will take a 4 day break for Thanksgiving Weekend but will be on IRC. EVERYONE did a great job at the Tournament and Im proud of everyone who participated and faught hard. Until the next Tournament... May the Force be with you!!

P.S. : I would also like to give my THANKS and GREAT Appreciation to Huxley, Zero, and All the JATs that went out of their way to help me with this. I COULD NOT have done this without you. I Thank you all very much and I wish EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving!


Good comment of the day... : massadoobie: Dec 09 01:39pm
I think I'm going to start highlighting the good posts I see around the site on the news page. So to start that off, I saw this one from a few days ago that Vaughn posted on the "Are you guys a clan" FAQ page. He has some good thoughts on what exactly the Academy is (and no, he's not implying communism as in Soviet communism, he's implying communism as in Marxist, pure communism. Click here for a humorous explanation if you're confused about the difference).

"there are many clans within the academy. I am starting to belive that The academy is not a clan or a klan, or a cult... but a community. Think of it as an olden style town. In this town, there are 3 different types of people. The elders (council), the parents (JAT's/JAStaff), and then the children (JAS/JAK). While the parents may be doing their own thing with the elders (meetings), the children are all out having fun. While some children hang out toghether (Clans = gangs?), there may be some who are not part of these groups, who are just friends by themselves. These children who are not part of any clans/gangs/cults, are the people without any tags other than (JAS) or (JAK).

To be part of this community/town, you do not have to be part of a clan/gang, you just have to be helpful to people, no matter who they are, and nice to everyone, from the academy or not. What I am trying to get at, is that the academy relies on respect and friendship. Without these, the academy would be non existant.

I dont know if people like the ideals of communism, but in the ideal communism, people are equal. If the academy was perfect, it would be more like the ideal communist town, however it is not yet perfect. Therefore, it is stuctured more like a democrocy, or monarchy where people can advance (not anarchy ). This is to help everybody. The rules would be enforced, and everyone would be or is happy."


State of the Academy Address Part 2: Silent Whisper: Dec 16 09:23am
Attention all students, staff, and trainers. It has come to my attention that several issues are running wild through this academy and causing havok. Today I hope to put these issues at rest. Let's get straight to the point.

First issue. I have been getting requests for JAT trials again. I'm going to remind everyone(again) that JAT trials are NOT to be requested. We see and know everything that goes on here. If you are to be a JAT, it is because the Council and other trainers feel that you would be a valuable asset to the team. A trainer is not just based on his/her skill, but character as well. RESPECT, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate quality of our Council and trainers. Speaking of Council, the same goes here. A new Council member is only elected if the existing Council agrees that he/she would uphold all the values of the academy. On an end note, I remind everyone that we are NOT hiring anymore JATs and JACs at the present. So do not ask. If you do the JATs and JACs can either ignore you or simply tell you no.

Second topic. Because of recent actions taken against disruptive students, some of the student body has been questioning JAC and JAT integrity. May I remind you that any issue you have with a Council member or a trainer should be taken privately and not posted publicly. We promote fairness and freedom of speech but please, be professional about it. All ideas, comments, complatins can be sent to

I hope this has cleared up some confusion. I'm not much for conclusions so I'll just say train hard, keep your spirits high, and of course: May the Force be with you.


Good comment of the day... : massadoobie: Dec 16 06:52pm

Here's today's good comment of the day, posted by Huxley in the preceding "State of the Academy Address Part 2" (although my address was WAY longer... this is more like a "Get over it or get on with it" address). Oh, and if you're wondering my opinion on the matter... The Academy isn't perfect, the JACs aren't perfect, and you're not perfect. But we're all here to have fun, so lets start doing that instead of whining and moaning like a bunch of spoiled brats about ranks and stuff like that. If I have to I'll shut down the ranks and make this a dictatorship, but no one wants that. Anyway, onto Hux's post...

"Ok, well here's my take on the situation:

All the "upper management" works very hard to keep things in order and people happy at the Academy. The Council is outstanding, they have so much work that they do, preparing the trials, working on the website, maintaining order.

Everyone needs to remember this and apprecaite it, before telling JATs and JACs that they "dont do anything" and "are lazy" when they are busy trialing people all week long and want 1 night off on a weekend.

I have fun doing trials, as do the other Instructors. But it really takes the fun out of it when students get deliberate and rude when they don't get a trial that second they ask for it.

This game and its experiences should be played out like the movie (IMO). You should work hard to achieve your goals. Rather than just learning 3 combos for your Journeyman trial, try to make up new ones yourself and master them. CHALLENGE YOURSELF. That is what the Trials are for.

When I started here only 3 months ago, I couldn't play the game at all. Now I'm a JAT, I teach classes, people want me to be their master. All because of my hard work and dedication.

The Ranks are there for the added fun in the game. You must MASTER each level to move on to the next. Don't just treat each level as a homework assignment at school.

The trials mean more to the Council and the Teachers than that, and it should mean more to the students too.

For everyone's information, I failed my Learners trial bad when I first took it. And Didn't pass until I worked hard for another week SOLID.

Then for my Journeyman trial, I wasn't warmed up and I got a dismissal until I was ready the next night because I was so un: prepared.

So don't think the "upper management" is ANY different from the students. We are all students together, so no one should seperate themselves from that. We are ALL here to learn more and play the game better.

So if a JAT says they cant trial you, because they are busy or tired or done 10 trials already, give them a break. Go work on your skills. Come back and ask another day.

Just make sure you are still learning new things and "not what I need to pass" like in school.

This academy is much different than a normal school.

Feel happy and privledged to be here.

Show respect to ALL members of the Academy.

"and May The Force Be With You."


Concerning Hobbi... JumpinJedi: DJ Sith: Dec 23 12:10pm:
As we all know (or all the informed people that read the forums know ) JumpinJedi tentered his JAT Resignation. Turns out he was acting spur of the moment and he's back in now. He wanted me to post this message for you guys and gals:

Hey guys, DJ was kind enough to let me do this, so kudos to him!

First of all, I want to clarify my situation. Yes, I quit, and yes, I quit quitting. I was stressed, and made a rather hasty decision. I'm back now, and I’m going to give it 800%. Now see, I’ve been really inactive since October. I have a pretty damn good excuse. I don't actually have JKII. "How did he become a JAT?!" you ask. Well, I guess I just slept with the right people

The story is simple: I moved into my own place with my fianc?, and I didn't have a computer which could handle JKII. But fear not: The computer which I have used for JKII since I bought (AKA downloaded) it will be mine, as a gift from my Dad for Christmas. So there you have it.

Ok, now here's another thing. I know you guys are here to learn, and we need staff to do that. But guys, the JATs and JACs are only human. We do our best to help you guys out, but it's very stressful, especially when we have an angry mob of learners demanding journeyman trials. Go easy on us, guys. Please, remember, we're only human.

Have a very merry Christmas, everyone! Take Care.

Your favorite kilt wearing, long haired metalhead,


Welcome back ya big galoot!

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