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1.3.2: Jedi Academy Timeline: 2003 -Mune - Jan 16 03:56am
Editor:   Thus begins 2003 in The Jedi Academy...


Our Tournament Champion...again. :  aValon:   Jan 01 09:37am:  
Today in was a LARGE gathering of JAC/JAT/JAC memebers, Shadow Sith fought hard and well to obtain his second Tournament Trophy in this Council Tournament.  Give him your salutes and praises, and get ready for the next tourney which will take place some 2 weeks from now.  May the force be with you all. :jj:  (Author's note: :jj: was a smily we had, but was removed because it was spammed... a lot.)


Jedi Academy Mod updated... :  DJ Sith:  Jan 07 02:43am
cHoSeN:  oNe has fixed a small exploit in the AcademyMod and has sent me a new .zip.  You can download it here ( ). 


This is what happens when the staff has a meeting... :  DJ Sith:  Jan 12 05:38am:  
Howdy all.  We had another long and...  exciting...  meeting today! Here's what we discussed: 

We are quite aware of how we've become more the 'Trials Academy' as of late.  Students arent attending enough class and the JATs are hounded with trial requests whenever they join the servers.  This was not the intention of the creation of the ranking/trialing system, so we're placing some restrictions on trials... 

a) JAT's are encouraged to only hold trials during trial classes, but if they feel like giving trials whenever they can do so.  If a JAT is not wearing his JAT tag he should be considered off duty and not giving trials. 

b) To counteract the whole "enrolling in class and not attending" and "rushing to trial" phenomenons we're adding a point system to the users database.  A user will get one point for every class attended.  A student will lose a point if they enroll in a class but can't make it.  If they have a good excuse (not "I fergot" or "your class sux0rz") then no point will be deducted.  Classes like roleplay and tour classes won't have points added to them.  We're going to require 5 points before you can submit a Learner trial, 12 for Journeyman, and 20 for Jedi Knight.  All the folks with trials in progress will automatically get the necessary points to take all these.  Those without trials in progress will get the points they would get if they just passed their trial (with a little leeway added by the JACs in special cases). 

We hate adding extra hierarchy into the Academy, but we need to stay focus on what we set out to do, and that wasn't to spend all our time on trials. 

I should have this written into the website by tomorrow night. 

We discussed evidence handling.  If you're going to submit a screenshot of someone doing bad get an open console with a log of what theyre saying in your screenshot.  The validity of a shot taken of a guy sabering another guy is highly dubious. 

Avalon is now our lead trainer and cHoSeN:  oNe is a permanent Council member.  Hurrah!

My DSL company is going out of business next month.  Once I get regular residential DSL I won't be able to host a server.  Tell your friends the Jedi Academy needs servers! The problem is residential DSL and cable won't meet our bnadwidth needs.  Any help with leads to cheap (and preferably free) game servers, bandwidth, colo hosting, anything would be greatly appreciated. 

We've heard your complaints about v2 of the map and are working our mapboy to get them fixed.  Expect another smaller version of the map sometime.  I can't give an ETA on it though.  Viva le FPS!

The portion of the Knight trial where you have the option to fight an empowered JAT is bieng replaced with a "protection" test.  1 JAT trialing the knight is going to try and kill another of the JAT's, and it is the Knight hopeful's task to defend that JAT.  Sounds cool, eh?  Many thanks to our Jedi Lore scholar Ulic Belouve for that one! Oh yeah it was his idea for the point system too.  He rules. 

That's the long and the short of it.  A few students observed the meeting to see what goes on behind the curtains.  A log of the meeting is here.  Read it if you have a few hours to kill and like reading VERY dry and boring stuff.  Anyhow, I'm turning in for the evening.  Good night all and keep training!

Two quick notes from massadoobie... 

If you can't take classes, and therefore can't get "promoted", IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Seriously, the points were added to encourage people to take classes, which is the point of this entire site.  If you're not able to get promoted, does that mean you still can't have fun?  NO.  I apologize to those of you who really can't take classes because of time differences, we're working on that issue...  but if you're going to complain about the points because it means you can't get promoted, you should find other things to worry about, promotions don't matter in the long run, they're just "goals", not "requirements"

On another note, Silent Whisper has moved on to bigger and better things (aka she got a scholarship to college and doesn't have time or access for the JA).  We wish her the best of luck and have a funny feeling she'll drop in every once in a while.  She didn't want a post dedicated to her departure, but I feel that she did so much for us, it deserves to be mentioned (plus this post talks about a lot of other stuff )


Class points system is up. :  DJ Sith:  Jan 12 09:56pm:  
Ok folks its in place.  Just to make sure we're all on the same page all students recieved points for their current rank (eg all learners have 5 points, jmen 12, etc).  All people with current pending trials got the number of points needed for that trial (to be fair ).  Here's answers to a few questions I got: 

Points will be awarded for personal instruction by an instructor or knight.  Our goal here is to keep you learning. 

Class points are viewable on your profile pages only if you're trying to view your own profile.  Instructors and above can see anyones class point value. 

Instructors have 1 hour after their class is over to award attendance points before their roster clears. 

Points are cumulative.  So if you have 5 points you only need to attend 7 classes to get to your Jamn trial, not 12. 

If you can't make it to class for whatever reason then you should remove yourself from the roster before class starts. 

If you recieved only 5 points because you're a Learner, yet attend every class under the sun talk to a JAC or a JAT or 5.  We can be persuaded to alter your attendance points. 

Those are the main points that were brought to me.  I want to reiterate that this is a minor minor thing.  We're not here to trial.  We're here to learn from each other and churn out skilled, respectful JK2 players.  Rank is the icing on the cake.  Have fun out there and keep up with the learning!


Jedi Academy Script:  cHoSeN oNe:   Jan 17 03:49am:  
Finally, the Official Jedi Academy Script is available for download here. 

This version is for Students Only!!

I'd like to thank Yun, Huxley, and CoRRUPTioN for helping me on this project.  Other versions for Knights, Trainers, and Council members are available for download through the forums. 


3 new instructors!:  DJ Sith:  Jan 17 04:17pm: 
Please join me in welcoming 3 new members to the rank of Jedi Instructor! Congratulations to LaMagra, skyler_, and Nightcrawler! Well done and may the Force be with you. 


1 more Instructor for ya!:  DJ Sith:  Jan 29 01:36pm:  
Congratulations to NofrikinfuN on his promotion to Trainer! He's been with us for a while, has the right attitude, and we think he'll do a great job.  Mazel tov!


Leavin' on a jet plane:  "Rowdy" Roddy Piper:   Jan 31 06:13am:  
Welp guys, i've been scarce lately.  Why ?  Real life.  It's been hectic, so i'm going to be gone for a good while.  There is alot of things in real life that I need to get into order, and when things are smoother in my life, i'll return ! Until next time, I enlist Tiamat to supply the beer, and DJ to supply the Mari..cigars

Until next time, my friends ! Beer ! Metal ! Satan !


News from Mirkwood of Middle:  Earth:  massadoobie:   Feb 05 06:51am:  
This just in from our oldest remaining trainer (look at his profile id number!), Legolas: 

"Legolas here, I'm going to be taking a semi:  permanent leave from the JA.  I've been going basically non:  stop since it's creation over half a year ago with only a few weeks of real off time.  I'm going to disapear for about two months and then I'll consider whether or not I want to come back.  You'll see another post in the end of March with my decision.  I'll still be stopping by, but it will be on rare occasions.  My classes will stop until I make my final decision.  See you folks later.  "

Best of luck to you Legolas, you've always got a spot here in the JA


New Staff Member:  Loaf:   Feb 09 09:09am:  
Wow.  My idiotic antics and various witty remarks have earnt me a nice little place on the JA Staff .  I am the dedicated news poster for the Academy now, so expect some....stuff . 


It has arrived!:   *Updated*:  =Derelict:  Crusader=:   Feb 09 04:24pm ***Update***
I've been frequenting the KS server and the JA site; following the threads regarding map issues.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I have already altered a few things in order to alleviate some of the problems that have come up following the release.  Expect an updated Version 3 next weekend. 



Who wants short shorts?! We want short shorts!!!” No wait! Wrong one… “Who wants new map?! We want new map… and so on and so forth…. 

I am happy to say that V3 of the Jedi Academy has arrived and will be up for grabs later tonight! Just a few quick notes for those that are unaware of some jedi_academy map history. 

- A few weeks ago I had a small meltdown, care of my OS.  In this meltdown I lost dozens of directories, JK2 included.  I was VERY lucky to find one old .map file of the jedi_academy on my entire system.  This being said, the Lost Temple is no more! (gotta love the irony) Sorry to those that loved this part of the map but on the other hand those that didn’t really appreciate the lost temple will be happy to see it gone.  (Yes I know who you are! You’re on the list...  I mean...  Yeah..)
- The pillar room has been redesigned from the ground up and should put a new “spin” on duels. 
- The Council room is more functional now, important duels may take place there. 
- If you want more info on what has changed and been added, please read the txt file that will be in the zip.

Before I forget, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the beta testing and picture posing! You know who you are! And NO you’re not on the list!

:  DC

( )

By the way, there is no need to backup the previous version as this will not overwrite it. 


The return of an old friend:  massadoobie:   Feb 13 11:23am: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the original JATs has returned to his rightful position.  La Magra, Nofrikinfun, Jacen Solo, and I ran a "Knight" trial for Shannon today, but instead of promoting him to knight, we promoted him to trainer (with consent of the rest of the Council).  Magra got a demo of the proceedings.  Everyone do festive gestures and congratulate Shannon on his re:  promotion!

*edit* the demo is up, and it actually works


Hey its another meeting!:  DJ Sith:  Feb 15 01:10pm:  
This meeting clocked in at around 2.5 hours, that's almost a record isnt it?  We discussed much.  Here's the high points: 

The class points system the way is is now isn't the right way to get people ready for trial.  Points right now are based on attendance, not knowledge.  It was agreed upon the start up cirriculums for each rank with the trial at the end of the cirriculum to see if you get the rank.  The details on this will be discussed in private by the JATs.  Expect to see a much more involved (and fun) trial process. 

To the JATs:  for now keep awarding points on classes until we get the new system worked out.  If you think a student is enrolled in your class just to get the attendance point & they blatantly don't learn anything go ahead and deny them their point. 

Asking for donations from companies so far is going nowhere.  We're going to set up a PayPal account for donations and a store where you can buy neato JA merch still.  Nightcrawler is almost done with the logo (so far it looks FANtastic.  ), and Doobie will get the PayPal acct created. 

Keep in mind that giving money is not manditory, but is much appreciated.  We can purchase servers with this and have actual tournament prizes. 

If you have any suggestions or know of a company that can hook us up with something please tell Arcuss, who's heading this effort (Thanks, Arcuss). 

We're going to create a JAT position called the "LeadKnight".  Like our Lead Trainer does for our instructors this LeadKnight will help the JAK's with their Knightly duties.  The JAT to do this will be voted upon by the Knights via email.  La Magra and Jacen Solo are heading this one up. 

The JACs are going to set up sessions to make sure the JATs are doing an effective job teaching. 

The Academy has an official Hydroball team! The JA Aurochs will be joining a league soon.  I see this as analogous to a college's football team.  JumpinJedi and Eclipse will mascot. 

I'm closing all classes that are taught by anyone that's not a Knight or above.  I broke the rules when I let a J:  Man or 2 teach classes, and its getting out of hand.  My apologies to those whose classes I'm closing.  Students can still hold informal classes on the non:  classes if they want.  Knights are going to be approved by the JATs before they start teaching on their own.  Knights can assist classes no problem.  We're doing this to make sure that our classes are helpful for the students. 

We created the Knight admin capability to help limit the abuse that was rampant on the servers 2 months ago.  We think that has subsided, so we're going to close off Knight logins.  This will be a test case though.  If it turns out that we still need this we'll turn it back on. 

Whew! Fun stuff! Those brave enough can read a transcript of the meeting here ( ). 


Policies and procedures... :  massadoobie:   Feb 15 08:27pm: 
Well, looks like I missed one hell of a meeting! I did have my one contribution though, and I'd like to release it to the Academy as a whole.  I typed this policy sheet up yesterday and gave it to DJ to approve (so basically this is from both of us) and had him release it at the meeting.  It basically clarifies the administrative positions in the Academy and what their roles are.  I hope you all find it somewhat helpful. 


New site in the hizzy. :  DJ Sith:  Feb 16 08:28pm: 
I'm sure most of you are checking your address bars to make sure you're at the right site.  Yes this is still the Academy site.  Waaay back in June when the PHP based site was created we were under a real time crunch to officially open so I kind of threw a site together with a few screenshots.  I was never really satisfied with it, and wanted the site to have a more "modern" and "academy" feel to it.  This is what I came up with.  I hope ya'll like it.  I think I've covered all tracks of the old site, but if you see anything wrong with the new design (images out of place, broken url's, etc) please let me know. 

I need to give credit where due credit is due.  The Logo in the top left was made by Nightcrawler, who is working on a slightly different version that will go on all of our store merchandise.  Yes you too can finally own JA boxer shorts.  The image hiding in the menu is the Knight Insignia made by Ulic Belouve (recolored by yours truly though). 

Neato site tricks:  Each time the page loads one of 7 random screenshots will load in the title image.  Fancy, eh?  If you have a particurlarly cool screenshot that has an "academy" feel to it send it my way.  If I can work it into the design I'll add it to the store of random loaded title images. 

I hope you enjoy the change.  Keep practicing and have fun!


Sexy new map from Kalheka:  massadoobie:   Feb 19 08:06am
I was browsing the forums earlier and I came across this thread about a new map by Kalheka.  I tried it out and discovered that it's pretty freaking sweet, and Damon Belouve, Kalheka's self:  proclaimed agent, says version 2 is even better.  Here's hoping that Kal decides to add a little more variety to the rooms on the second floor (*wink wink nudge nudge*).  But until then you can try the map out here ( ).  I'm not sure about getting it into the map rotation, the server stuff is for Huxley and DJ to figure out, but I for one thing it's a sweet map.  Good work Kal!


JJ Absence:  Loaf:   Feb 23 05:33am:  
Resident Scottie, Jumpin Jedi, will be out of the JA for an undetermined amount of time.  This means that all classes that he teaches will be cancelled, and that he has been modest and doesn't want to run for Lead Knight.  Lets hope he returns soon... 


JAMod 1.1 released!:  DJ Sith:  Mar 03 05:28pm:  

Our dutiful mod programmer cHoSeN oNe has cranked out an update to the Jedi Academy Mod.  The most current version is now at 1.1.  Here's some of the changes made: 

New Custom cVar welcome message in console. 
mgametype:   Trainers can now change maps/gametypes. 
mrandteams:   Randomizes teams in CTF gameplay. 
amhelp:   Helps Admins, Client with admin commands.  (Custom help messages capable)
4 New Custom cVars to display messages for logged in/not logged in adminstrators upon use of admin command. 
Improved Jedi Vs.  Merc Mode. 
g_mBlockThrow:   allows client to lose thrown saber if blocked by opponent. 
Fixed emote(s) exploit during Duels and SaberLocks. 
Clients can now Duel in Team gamemods, cannot duel flagcarriers. 
g_mDebugCheats:   allows access to hidden features in JK2 (cVar default is 1)
mnpcaccess:   allows client access to the NPC features. 
mnpcnoaccess:   disallows client access to the NPC features. 
g2animent:   spawns an NPC. 
g2platoon:   spawns a platoon of NPC's

Superb job as always, sir! You can download the mod here ( ).  NOTE:  This is a server side only mod.  Only server administrators need to get this!


Spring Cleaning at the Jedi Academy:  DJ Sith:  Mar 08 11:15am:  
The most common complaint I get about the Jedi Academy is that "it's not like how it used to be".  Instead of working on improving their skills, students nowadays concern themselves with class points, trials, and rank, and all the things that come along with that.  It takes away from their capacity to learn.  And it takes away from an Instructor's ability to teach. 

We are dropping the concept of rank at the Jedi Academy.  I know many of you were working toward getting up there, and I'm sorry for pulling the rug out from under all of you like this.  Our goal here is to teach how to play the video game Jedi Knight II:  Jedi Outcast, and to try to be a good part of the JKII gaming community, not personal advancement. 

If you're looking for personal rank advancement:  go join a clan.  It's as simple as that.  If you want to learn in an attitude neutral enviornment and to help your fellow players become better players then stay with us.  We're going back towards being the open school that we were when we first opened. 

The current Knights will stay as Knights, but the rold of a Knight is changing from a student rank to more of a separate job.  For those who remember this they will serve in the old "Jedi In Training" role.  They will serve to help keep the peace on the servers, and to assist in classes.  The other students are having their rank converted to "student" (unless I can think of something else that sounds cool looking on a forum ).  Knights and above can still train Padawan.  Knights will get selected in the exact same way they do now, minus the class points.  They'll get recomended by a current JAT or JAC or staff member.  They fill out an exam on the site, and take a trial on the server.  Watch out though..  because this test is going to be rather in depth..  we've cooked up a real whopper that will test your skill and character. 

The Jedi Mentor rank is leaving us as well.  All Jedi Mentors are going down to the Jedi Instructor level.  The Jedi Master rank is going to be given to our most senior instructors, who have been with us for quite some time and know how we work.  You should be able to go to a Master with any question and expect to get a good answer. 

Some of you will be dissapointed with this idea.  I can't blame you.  You've been working hard.  And I'm proud of that, and proud of all of you.  Keep working.  Keep practicing.  Help others learn.  Now you can work and play without having to worry about all the overhead or if you have enough class points to do this or that or whatever. 


Advent Version 2:  Loaf:   Mar 11 07:51pm: 
That's right, Kalheka has released version two of his famous Advent map (which i like to play with on SP). 

It can be downloaded here (  ) NOTE:  Click Advent2 on the site it takes you to if you're gonna download it from this post) . 

If you could download that one now, and if Huxley could switch over the maps to this one on facility, then all'd be much appreciated . 


The Sound of Goodbye... :  aValon:   Mar 20 06:09pm: 
In June of 2002, I joined the JA with the hopes of becoming a better player.  Almost a year has passed and I've come out a better person. 

My college has given me the chance to graduate with honors in psychology and are willing to help me,with several other students, to get my Doctorate in Psychology.  I took a job with a local child care clinic and have been putting in double effort to keep myself where I am.  This is why I haven't been on for some time. 

The JA has been my second home.  My shelter from the winds of war in the world and in my personal life.  I stepped onto the servers hoping to be a better player, and coming out a better person.  The JA made me believe in myself, and in my abilities.  Without everyone here, I wouldn't be where I am. 

So it is painful for me to announce that I am leaving the JA.  I thank everyone who has helped me.  DJ for your guidance, Doobs for your Leadership, Silent for our duels, Huxley for your dedication, and to Everyone for your friendship.  This isn't just a school for playing a game, it's a community.  I enjoyed my duration here and will never forget you all....  and Always remember, The Force Will be with you.....Always!


JA Mod 1.2 released!:  DJ Sith:  Mar 24 12:26am: 
Our ever dilligent mod coder cHoSeN-oNe has cranked out another version of the Academy mod! Here's a bit of the new features, but the complete list can be found in the readme file: 

Admin and/or Knight login access can be Enabled/Disabled to disallow secondary admins .  (If both set to 0, the rcon will have only access)

All Admin Commands can be Enabled(default)/Disabled. 

mterminator:   turns client into a superb fighting machine. 

g_mDuelStats:   toggles enabled/disabled for duelers to see stats after duel.  (Winner, HP, Armor)

Note:  This is a server side only mod.  ONLY server admins need to download this.  Nice work, Chosen!

You can get it here ( )!


Our new JAT:  DarkBlade!:  Huxley:   Mar 30 12:11am: 
I would like to tell everyone about another Jedi Knight that has found their path to Jedi Instructor:  Dark Blade!!

We have now 3 new fresh Jedi Instructors that all have new ideas and things to teach everyone.  Look for new classes from all of them starting soon!!

Congrats DB, Bubu and Luke!!


Woo:  hoo! We're famous!:  Loaf:   Apr 03 05:16pm: 
Jedi Knight 3 has been officially named Jedi Knight:  Jedi Academy. 

Game Features Revealed

In Star Wars Jedi Knight:  Jedi Academy, you will be able to create your character as well as construct your own lightsaber from handle to blade color!

Star Wars® Jedi Knight®:  Jedi Academy™ allows players to immerse themselves in the classic Star Wars universe as they take on the role of a student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Master Luke Skywalker.  Players will interact with famous classic Star Wars locations and characters while facing the ultimate choice:  fight for good and freedom in the light side or follow the path of power and evil to the dark side. 

Players can create their own characters by defining various characteristics, such as species, gender, clothing and physical attributes allowing for a more personal experience before entering the academy to learn the powers:   and dangers:   of the Force. 

Construct your own lightsaber from handle to blade color.  Utilize two if you prefer or try the ultimate dual:  bladed lightsaber made famous by Darth Maul. 

Unique tiered level selection allows players to choose their adventure and the missions they take based on the skills they need to become the ultimate Jedi Knight. 

Additional multiplayer modes add depth to the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight legacy.  Players can partake in a variety of unique modes. 

New vehicles, weapons and Star Wars environments enhance players Star Wars experience. 

The Official Site is here ( ). 

Dammit! They stole our idea!


The State of the Jedi Academy:  massadoobie:   Apr 07 02:04am
*doobie steps up to the podium*
*doobie taps on microphone*

Is this thing on?  Everyone hear me ok?  Ok, good.  Students, Teachers, Council members, lend me your ears… It is I, massadoobie, leader of the Jedi Academy Council, who wishes to speak to you this evening.  Tonight, a few weeks before the Academy celebrates its one:  year anniversary, I would like to address you and talk about the State of the Jedi Academy. 

In the past year, we’ve seen the Academy grow from 3 dorks conning out of webspace to 5 dorks on a council in charge of over 1600 students, 13 Teachers, and 16 Knights.  We’ve seen the Academy move from a small niche in the Jedi Knight Community to a large, well:  respected force throughout the web (We even have our own game coming out! ) We hold 34 classes per week on 4 servers (although our Dutch server seems to be down at the moment, something which is being researched).  And coming soon, I am proud to announce the acquisition of our own personal address, the URL of which will be announced when the site is ready to be transferred.  DJ's gonna make that bad boy so super:  sexy that Playboy will be calling requesting pictures.  It'll but the new and improved "improvements" on this url to shame! It truly is a great time at the Academy. 

Recently I asked the members of the Academy to provide a list of what everyone would like to hear about, and the response was overwhelming.  However, I was able to pick a few specific topics that I’ll focus on this evening.  The first is the Jedi Academy Knowledge Project, from here on out to be known as the Holocron.  Ruuk Haviser, one of the leaders of the Holocron, was extremely helpful in providing information, so much so that a separate forum page can be seen here.  However, to summarize, the Holocron will be a massive database of information about JK2 (and hopefully JK3) that will be fully integrated with the main site.  There will be two portion of the Holocron.  The official portion will be comprised of articles written by select members on specific topics, which can be seen here.  The unofficial section will be comprised of user submissions, edited, sorted, and formatted by Holocron staff, that will serve as a historical and educational storehouse for the events of the Academy.  Our hope is that the Holocron will become a community:  wide warehouse of information that anyone who plays our beloved game can use. 

Next up is the ranking system and the Jedi Academy Knights.  Ever since the sub:  rankings were eliminated we’ve noticed a renewed interest in attending classes for the sake of knowledge, not simply to fulfill a promotion requirement.  This was our intended goal, and we hope it shall continue.  The Academy is a school, not a clan, and I hope we all never forget that.  Jacen Solo, JAT and Lead Knight, has informed that the Knights are alive and well, with three Knights (Luke Skywalker, DarkBlade, and Bubu) recently being promoted.  I would like to remind everyone, however, that the rank of Knight is a privilege, not a right.  As Jacen says, “With all the ranks gone ppl are turning to the knight position as the their next goal.  Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not being too successful explaining them that we can't have 100 knights and that a knight is like a Junior JAT and we only promote ppl to knight when the current number decreases or the number of students to take care of increases.” So basically, if you feel you deserve to be a Knight, keep doing what you’re doing, we’ll notice you.  Otherwise, enjoy being a student! Oh, and there’s a new Knight trial since the sub:  rankings have been eliminated.  It’s tough, Jacen made sure it was….  But unfortunately we can’t tell you about it unless you go through it (same with Huxley’s Trainer trial). 

I’d like to address servers and the server fund for a moment.  We currently have 4 servers, as I mentioned, although 2 of them aren’t always good to go.  At the moment we have $143 in the donation fund, having spent some money to register our domain name.  In order to get another server (regrettably in the US of A, we rely on donations in Europe), we need about $500.  So feel free to click that sexy Paypal button to the left and donate some money. 

The mapping community is going nuts these days, in a good way! Kalheka sends word that he’s tinkering with ideas for the third version of his incredible Advent map, and Derelict:  Crusader has also let me know that a Version 4 of the official Academy map will be seen sometime soon (although “soon” to DC could take a while).  Huxley also informs me that Zero, LaMagra, himself, and “maybe a few more” are doing good work on event:  specific maps (such as CTF and a Knight and Trainer trials/temple map). 

Speaking of maps, Hux and Co.’s map is due to be released the day of the Jedi Academy Prom.  Problem is, I’ve had conflicting reports of the actual date.  Both April 26th and May 17th (both conceivable dates for our one:  year anniversary) have been offered.  Once a final date is nailed down, we’ll let you all know. 

As for morale, I feel that at this current point morale is very high in the Academy.  Although we did have that *slight* misunderstanding on April 1st (sorry!), other than that morale seems to be high.  We do have a problem with people signing up for double accounts and manipulating the security checks we’ve set up.  Unless previously approved (in order to change a user name mainly), having multiple accounts is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.  From here on out, we will be using our full resources to make sure we don’t have people in the Academy who shouldn’t be here.  The Academy provides a service for free, and we find it incredibly offensive when people abuse this service.  We will not tolerate abuse of the system, the servers, or the rules. 

To wrap up, I’d like to thank my fellow Council members for all of the good work they put in.  I know in the past few months I haven’t been around much, but I’m immensely proud of the hard work DJ puts in to maintain the site, Huxley puts in to run the Trainers, Silent Whisper puts in to maintain civility, and Chosen One puts in to develop our mod.  Plus, the dedication shown by the four of you, the trainers and knights, and all of the students, makes me incredibly happy to be at the head of such a wonderful organization. 

That’s all for this speech.  Thanks for reading, and get ready to celebrate the Jedi Academy’s first birthday in a few weeks! May the Force be with you all… always. 


Goodbye to Legendary JAT, JumpinJedi... :  cHoSeN oNe:   Apr 09 04:33pm
"I've never been good at writing these kind of things, so i'll make it short and  I'm leaving the academy, not just as a JAT, but completely leaving.  That means, i'm getting my account closed, so I'm not lured back as I have been the few times i've left.  I've made this very difficult decision because JKII has just lost all sense of fun to me

( Not to mention availability to a decent internet connection !).  So, this is it ! Goodbye, true believers.  Kiltobot, transform !"


Welcome to the new site!:  DJ Sith:  Apr 16 04:04am
As you are hopefully aware of by now we have a new web server.  While I hate to break away from I think we'll get a better experience with this new server.  This server was built by Huxley and is maintained by him and yours truly.  Since we run the show now we can do cool things like have a workable files section, user image uploads, more game server interaction, and MUCH more.  The sky's the limit. 

If you're logged in click on the My Profile link.  At the bottom you should see a section where you can finally upload your own profile pictures.  We've added a small blurb to the rules about this.  Keep your pictures clean.  This is a privelage, not a right.  If you upload anything unwholesome you'll get disciplined.  Other than that go to town on it. 

One other thing that I've added to this site so far is a thumbnail generator for the pages with comments.  This script shrinks the profile pics (which had to be shrunk by HTML on the old site..  ghetto) to the right size, so you dialup folk can breathe a little sigh of relief.  The downside to this is the thumbnail appear blurred out.  I'm working on that one.  This will eventually lead to a screenshots section. 

I'm sure this change won't be without it's bumps and bruises.  I can't make an exact duplicate of the site database, so some comments and forum posts may be lost during the dransition, my apologies for that.  If you see anything not right with this new site please please please let me know. 

Oh yeah.  One more thing.  No more popup ads! Goodbye, Gator! Dont let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out!


The Jedi Academy Yearbook:  Loaf:   Apr 26 04:13pm:  
Ok People, who wants a yearbook? 

It's all done and dusted, and it took hours to wait on stupid adobe to work, and I just finished uploading the file.  Its a pdf file, so you need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it. 

Download / View Here ( )

I recommend viewing at 100%, not 185%, Enjoy!

Update by doobie:  i've posted this badboy on our server so we don't rape Loaf's Geocities space anymore...  Good work Poppy Seed Loaf!


"Who's that?  Oh him! I heard he was dead....":  Yun:   Apr 27 01:12pm: 
Well not quite...  I've been going back and forth in my mind about leaving the Jedi Academy...  But alas, I cannot.  But I bring you good news on Jedi Outcast Visual Interface...  I will finish it very soon (as in a few weeks) and release it to the Academy.  So for thoses who haven't forgotten..  It's coming...  oh it's coming... 

Anyways, I've been busy with another game I'm editing with...  Quake 2...  I've been creating a map (3 years in the making) and I hope to finish that soon and be done with it.. 

Anyways, I am still around...  And I plan to actually goto my Open Session classes this week...  Sorry, I've been neglecting them.. :\


Version 4 of The Jedi Academy Released!:  =Derelict:  Crusader=:   May 02 03:13pm:  
No big speeches, just a run down of what has been changed: 

- Glass room has been redesigned to make way for more dueling room, the design is much like the "matrix room" but with a twist.  (Old concept from the very first Beta of the JA map.)
- The "Pillar room" has YET AGAIN been redesigned.  The lighting in the room is very dim and should make for some very cool saber duels!
- A special area has been added for the JAC and JAT.  It can only be reached with the use of teleportation powers through the use of "The Jedi Academy Mod
- The "Pit" or "Plank" room has been slightly modified.  Walk:  on access has been added and Duel staging lines have also been added. Water received some tweaking too. 
- Council room spawn points have been changed in order to prevent player interference. 
- 2 more spawn points have been added between the old 2 spawning areas. 
- All the buggy area:  portals have been fixed.  What this means is that the frames are solid everywhere you go!
- A whole new bot:  route; the most comprehensive route for the JA yet! (Desann did a lot of running during testing)
- Door closing speeds have been changed in order to preserve FPS, this ties in with “area portals.”
- A lot of other minor level tweaks and details have been done. 
- All the observation decks received an extra Shield and Bacta Canister.

Enjoy the latest version!

Download Version 4 ( )
:  DC


(No real title):  Huxley:   May 05 01:50pm:  
I would like to announce that our Knight, Chicka has made herself a prominent member of this Academy, and as of today has achieved the rank of Jedi Instructor!

Congrats Chicka!


Oh yeah, I think we forgot something... :  massadoobie:   May 20 05:04am:  Ummm...  We just had an anniversary.  We turned a year old on May 17th.  I can't believe we forgot.  Bah. 

But yeah, WOOOOHOOOOO, we made it a year! On behalf of the Council I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who's made this place as super:  de:  duper as it has been.  Here's to many more years to come!

(Dude, I can't believe we forgot...)


New Top Dogs... :  cHoSeN oNe:   May 23 10:20am: 
JAcen Nabeshin Solo and La Magra have both been promoted to the rank of Jedi Master.  They are now at the top rank here at the Jedi Academy that most people can obtain.  These two worked really hard for their placement and their dedication has made this JA a better place.  The Job of a Jedi Master is to be in constant contact with our lead trainer, Huxley, continue teaching classes, be included in more of JAC decisions, and to overall set a good example.  You guys already have done that so for that I am thankfull.  Great Job you two...I salute you!!!


Hall O' Fame:  Mune:   May 29 5:56 pm: 
I was casually browsing the About Us page when something caught my eye.  WE HAVE A HALL OF FAME! After asking DJ about it, he said it was an idea the JAC's had been kicking around.  And now, let me introduce the first members inducted into the Hall of Fame:

Aayla Secura
Lightning Rod

These guys are all gone now, but they were skilled at what they did, and were good people.  *Bows in remembrance*

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