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1.3.3: Massadoobie's State of the Academy speeches -DJ Sith - Jan 16 04:04am
Whenever we have a meeting or whenever Doobie feels like it he gives a speech touching up on pressing issues with the Academy. He lets us know what plans are in the works and gives big sweeping news stories. So without further ado... :)


State of the Jedi Academy Address:  massadoobie:   Nov 09 01:52pm
::adjusts microphone and waits for rousing standing ovation to settle:: 

Ladies and gentleman of the Jedi Academy, it is I, your leader, massadoobie, here to present to you the state of the Academy. 

Well, the last couple days have been rather interesting, to say the least.  Going back to when L:  Rod left, there's been a lot of stuff going on, some of it good, some of it bad.  On the good side we've had a few promotions in the trainers ranks (Zero to Mentor, Avalon to Council), cHoSeN:  oNe becoming Supreme Chancellor (although the dark side clouds his future... , we've launched our learner and journeyman trials (and finally gotten the site updated to match), we've added another Huxley server, and we've taught a lot of good people civility and skill. 

On the bad side, there have been entirely too many arguments lately.  Students fighting with students, students fighting with trainers, trainers fighting with trainers, all sorts of stupid petty crap.  It's time to put a stop to all of this.  From now on, if any JACs or JATs see you arguing without even trying to set your egos or whatever aside to settle the argument, you will receive a warning.  Yes, that seems strict considering you only get two warnings, but to be honest, all this fighting is over stupid stuff.  Also, the Council and the Trainers will be having a meeting tomorrow to discuss, amongst other things, trainer conduct.  I know this is a big concern for a lot of you, and it is for us as well. 

Furthermore (don't you love those connecting words you learned in English class?), we're in the process of analyzing the ranking structure to see if we can improve things.  Although sometimes it may not seem like it, we do read almost all of the comments made on newsposts and sent to us via email, and there have been a lot of good ideas tossed about.  Our job now is to take those ideas, mold them so that they can apply best to the JA, and implement them (quickly). 

A few things for everyone to look out for.  We're going to be having new JATs very soon.  Six JATs just isn't enough.  We're also going to be doing the aforementioned ranking structure changes...  more details on that when we actually have them.  Knight trials will be coming soon as well (although remember that you have to be recommended by a JAC or JAT to receive a knight trial).  Someday, eventually, hopefully, Derelict Crusader will finish the Jedi Academy Map, version 2.0. 

To finish this off, I'd like to make a plea to all of you.  One of the main objectives when we started the Academy was to have a place where maturity and respect would reign above all else.  For the most part I feel as though we've acheived this objective.  I have been truly impressed by the maturity level, civility, and respect a majority of our members show towards one another.  However of late that has been missing a bit.  What I would like is for every member of the Academy, from the Council on down through to the newest Initiate, to take a look at themselves and how they treat the other members.  If you see yourself treating others without the respect that they deserve as people (even if you don't personally respect them), then you have two choices.  One, you can (and I recommend this) try and fix your attitude towards others and see if you can turn the other cheek and treat everyone with respect.  Or two...  You can leave the Academy.  It's that simple.  To be honest, we don't want you here if you're going to be rude, disruptive, ego:  driven, or disrespectful to ANYONE (and that includes everyone, including our favorite Scot JumpinJedi...  I point out his name only because he seems to be a lightning rod for trouble...  some of it deserved, some of it not.  But he's a prime example of someone who has turned the other cheek (most of the time) and whom a lot of others must turn the other cheek about). 

Along the same lines, I must make an apology to anyone I offended with my post about the Knights Council earlier.  Although I didn't mean it negatively when I said some people wanted power they didn't deserve, I can see how people could misconstrue that as being a slap in the face.  So to those people, I'm sorry. 

Members of the Academy, we have a great thing going here.  Lets try to keep it that way.  Feel free, as always, to email the Council email account ( if you need anything.  Also, feel free to leave us comments on this news post.  See you on the servers!

::walks out quickly before anyone wakes up from trying to read this long post:: 


The State of the Jedi Academy:  massadoobie:   Apr 07 02:04am
*doobie steps up to the podium*
*doobie taps on microphone*

Is this thing on?  Everyone hear me ok?  Ok, good.  Students, Teachers, Council members, lend me your ears… It is I, massadoobie, leader of the Jedi Academy Council, who wishes to speak to you this evening.  Tonight, a few weeks before the Academy celebrates its one:  year anniversary, I would like to address you and talk about the State of the Jedi Academy. 

In the past year, we’ve seen the Academy grow from 3 dorks conning out of webspace to 5 dorks on a council in charge of over 1600 students, 13 Teachers, and 16 Knights.  We’ve seen the Academy move from a small niche in the Jedi Knight Community to a large, well:  respected force throughout the web (We even have our own game coming out! ) We hold 34 classes per week on 4 servers (although our Dutch server seems to be down at the moment, something which is being researched).  And coming soon, I am proud to announce the acquisition of our own personal address, the URL of which will be announced when the site is ready to be transferred.  DJ's gonna make that bad boy so super:  sexy that Playboy will be calling requesting pictures.  It'll but the new and improved "improvements" on this url to shame! It truly is a great time at the Academy. 

Recently I asked the members of the Academy to provide a list of what everyone would like to hear about, and the response was overwhelming.  However, I was able to pick a few specific topics that I’ll focus on this evening.  The first is the Jedi Academy Knowledge Project, from here on out to be known as the Holocron.  Ruuk Haviser, one of the leaders of the Holocron, was extremely helpful in providing information, so much so that a separate forum page can be seen here.  However, to summarize, the Holocron will be a massive database of information about JK2 (and hopefully JK3) that will be fully integrated with the main site.  There will be two portion of the Holocron.  The official portion will be comprised of articles written by select members on specific topics, which can be seen here.  The unofficial section will be comprised of user submissions, edited, sorted, and formatted by Holocron staff, that will serve as a historical and educational storehouse for the events of the Academy.  Our hope is that the Holocron will become a communitywide warehouse of information that anyone who plays our beloved game can use. 

Next up is the ranking system and the Jedi Academy Knights.  Ever since the sub:  rankings were eliminated we’ve noticed a renewed interest in attending classes for the sake of knowledge, not simply to fulfill a promotion requirement.  This was our intended goal, and we hope it shall continue.  The Academy is a school, not a clan, and I hope we all never forget that.  Jacen Solo, JAT and Lead Knight, has informed that the Knights are alive and well, with three Knights (Luke Skywalker, DarkBlade, and Bubu) recently being promoted.  I would like to remind everyone, however, that the rank of Knight is a privilege, not a right.  As Jacen says, “With all the ranks gone ppl are turning to the knight position as the their next goal.  Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not being too successful explaining them that we can't have 100 knights and that a knight is like a Junior JAT and we only promote ppl to knight when the current number decreases or the number of students to take care of increases.” So basically, if you feel you deserve to be a Knight, keep doing what you’re doing, we’ll notice you.  Otherwise, enjoy being a student! Oh, and there’s a new Knight trial since the sub:  rankings have been eliminated.  It’s tough, Jacen made sure it was….  But unfortunately we can’t tell you about it unless you go through it (same with Huxley’s Trainer trial). 

I’d like to address servers and the server fund for a moment.  We currently have 4 servers, as I mentioned, although 2 of them aren’t always good to go.  At the moment we have $143 in the donation fund, having spent some money to register our domain name.  In order to get another server (regrettably in the US of A, we rely on donations in Europe), we need about $500.  So feel free to click that sexy Paypal button to the left and donate some money. 

The mapping community is going nuts these days, in a good way! Kalheka sends word that he’s tinkering with ideas for the third version of his incredible Advent map, and Derelict:  Crusader has also let me know that a Version 4 of the official Academy map will be seen sometime soon (although "soon" to DC could take a while).  Huxley also informs me that Zero, LaMagra, himself, and "maybe a few more" are doing good work on event:  specific maps (such as CTF and a Knight and Trainer trials/temple map). 

Speaking of maps, Hux and Co.’s map is due to be released the day of the Jedi Academy Prom.  Problem is, I’ve had conflicting reports of the actual date.  Both April 26th and May 17th (both conceivable dates for our one:  year anniversary) have been offered.  Once a final date is nailed down, we’ll let you all know. 

As for morale, I feel that at this current point morale is very high in the Academy.  Although we did have that *slight* misunderstanding on April 1st (sorry!), other than that morale seems to be high.  We do have a problem with people signing up for double accounts and manipulating the security checks we’ve set up.  Unless previously approved (in order to change a user name mainly), having multiple accounts is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.  From here on out, we will be using our full resources to make sure we don’t have people in the Academy who shouldn’t be here.  The Academy provides a service for free, and we find it incredibly offensive when people abuse this service.  We will not tolerate abuse of the system, the servers, or the rules. 

To wrap up, I’d like to thank my fellow Council members for all of the good work they put in.  I know in the past few months I haven’t been around much, but I’m immensely proud of the hard work DJ puts in to maintain the site, Huxley puts in to run the Trainers, Silent Whisper puts in to maintain civility, and Chosen One puts in to develop our mod.  Plus, the dedication shown by the four of you, the trainers and knights, and all of the students, makes me incredibly happy to be at the head of such a wonderful organization. 

That’s all for this speech.  Thanks for reading, and get ready to celebrate the Jedi Academy’s first birthday in a few weeks! May the Force be with you all… always. 

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