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1.4.2: Jedi Knight Interviews -Lord Exar Kun - Jan 16 04:28am
1.† How long did it take you to make JAK?

Kalheka:† I began my journey towards Knighthood in December when I joined the JA, I knew I wanted the rank when I joined.† I took my sweet time and got to know people.† I was promoted to Knight this May.† So it took me about 5 months.†

Lord Exar Kun:† Hmm, now my brain has to start workingÖ I was in JA for 3 months when I really started trying to become JAK.† That took me about 2 months, so I guess 5 months in total.†

Monty:† I joined in December 2002 and I became a JAK in May 2003.† The trial lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes and I was the first person to do the new trial!

Shadow Sith:† Well I joined around September/October, Thanksgiving came around and I joined in the Thanksgiving Tournament, where I fought many good duels, and ended up winning.† The prize was Knight, so that's what I received.

Aeth S'kray:† If you mean how long I was a student before I got knight, I honestly don't know.† I've joined in June, some months later the rank system was established and well...† I think it took me some months to become a knight.† Don't know any details anymore.† If you mean how long my actual trial was; it was short.† One hour max.†

Silk Monkey:† Around 5 months, but Iím not too sure about exact dates. It doesnít seem that long ago that I was still an initiate bothering SiTh about helping with my learner trial. Oh the good old daysÖ

2.† How many hours (weeks) did you practice?

Kalheka:† That depends on what you mean by practice.† I started learning right away.† I view learning as a journey that happens constantly, even when we aren't thinking about it.† How many hours did I practice? Every one of them is practice for something.

Lord Exar Kun:† A lot.† I've been in the JA servers almost every day within those 5 months (except holidays of course).† It took some [time] to get the tricks in, but it was worth it.† Can't really say in hours or weeks.†

Monty:† I am usually on the server a lot but I trained with ARCA to start with then he went a bit inactive so I began with Shannon who trained me up on FF duels and kick fights etc...† So I trained quite hard for it, but it was just me having fun with friends.†

Shadow Sith:† I practice dueling in No Force and Full Force before the tournament came; that's how I prepared myself.† All the experience I gained while being on the public server Jolt also assisted me in my training.

Aeth S'kray:† Not at all.† I was pretty much involved in LAMM (a clan) and got a bit away from the JA.† I think it was about the time I've quit LAMM when I just hit the servers and met JJ, Hux and...err...† Eclipse there.† Without bragging, I was pretty good those days.† Guess my time with LAMM was preparation enough.†

Silk Monkey:† Every week is/was different. Some weeks I played for 2-3 hours a day, a couple times I went 5-6 days without playing.† I never really thought of ďpractice."† To me, coming on and having fun is just that.† Playing a game and having fun.† As for knight practice, I'd started messing around with certain stuff for as long as I remember.† Especially the handicap matches, those are fun.

3.† What is your favorite part of being a JAK?

Kalheka:† My favorite part of being a JAK is the recognition, and the fact that when I'm ready I can have official padawans.†

Lord Exar Kun:† Teaching and assisting classes.† Especially teaching.† It's really fun to be able to learn new stuff to people.† Gives a lot of satisfaction.† And of course, as Aeth pointed out before, the status.†

Monty:† Favorite part of being a JAK, hehe, would be the "BOW, Saberz out, Go Go Go" (with the use of admin).† Its so cool!† lol!† And well of course I enjoy teaching people things and helping in the running of the JA

Shadow Sith:† My favorite part of being JAK is that I get to hold 4 of my own classes each week.† I get to teach the students and they get to learn.† I also like the ability to have padawans as well, they are a great pleasure to me.†

Aeth S'kray:† Uh, that's a nice question.† Do you want to make the other students jealous or what?† Anyway, the best part in my opinion is the status you get with the rank.† You know, all the nice things like having official padawans, teaching classes or having access to the knight forum.† And of course you get a lot of respect, which isnít too bad either.

Silk Monkey:† I get a nifty K to replace the S in my tag.† No seriously, it's just a reminder to myself and sort of a note to others of how committed I am.† The favorite part? Iím going to be able to start officially teaching.† It's something Iíve wanted to do since my first class I took as a student back in the day.† Plus I can make people behave by standing around on a server.† Just kidding.† Sort of.† Hahaha.

4.† Why did you WANT to be a JAK in the first place?

Kalheka:† I always felt like a Knight before I began here at the JA, I wanted to get the rank of JAK because it's recognition for being me.†

Lord Exar Kun:† I wanted to be a JAK because I wanted to do more for the JA.† Enforcing the rules and helping the students was what I really wanted to do.

Monty:† I wanted to be a JAK because I like the JA.† I respect it and I wanted to do something in return.† I just thought I will become Knight, get some classes on the go, and take some padawans on to train to help make the JA a better place.† At the time of writing this, I have only 1 padawan but I might take more on soon

Shadow Sith:† I was a journeyman when the tournament came.† I wasn't really thinking of becoming a knight because I wanted to compete and win.† It was a goal of mine to win the tournament, and with that came a great prize.†

Aeth S'kray:† Well, look at question 3 and you know why.† No, seriously:† the academy was a pretty rough place when I became JAK.† More lamers were running around than today.† The JAKs were a kind of "police force" who had to deal with those guys.† I had several ideas myself how to handle those situations and wanted to help cleaning the servers.† I've liked the idea of teaching too which I had done with some unofficial paddys before.† Oh, and there were of course the Learner and Journeyman trails to do, as some of the older members might remember.† Those were always a lot of fun (well, at least to us, hehe) and we had whole rituals around them.† Did you ever know that SOME teachers and knight were talking about porn while the poor guy had to do his trial?† Hehe.† Enough reasons to become a knight, don't you think?

Silk Monkey:† To me, itís kind of a romantic idea.† Be one of the guys that everyone goes to when they need something.† To ask for help.† One of the guys who teaches people cool new stuff, even if it's not useful.† My original goal was/is to become a Trainer, or at least teach solo.† Besides, who else would bring Destiny to an audience outside of my high school?

5.† Has your focus changed at all over time?

Kalheka:† Somewhat, but not a lot.† Now that I've gotten the Knight rank I'm getting used to things and planning my next goal.†

Lord Exar Kun:† Yes, definitely.† I have definitely changed.† But that change started even before I became JAK.† I changed my attitude because I knew that it was not good enough.† When I became Knight, I of course changed because of the new things that came upon my path.† Before I was mainly concentrating on my dueling, now I just want to help with classes etc... all the knightly things.

Monty:† I have become more mature with my new rank!†† You need to be more mature to hold this rank, of course we still have fun doin silly things but we also enforce the rules.† And thereís a thin line between bending the rules and breaking the rules!† So I would say it's changed since I have become a JAK due to my responsibility to the JA.

Shadow Sith:† Yes my focus has changed over time since I received Knight.† I am much more patient when it comes to people trying to learn moves.† I will stand there for 20 minutes if I have to until someone gets a ydfa right.† I also look at the game in a different way now.† Ever since I joined the Academy I'm much calmer than I was on the public servers.† I was saved from them by Eclipse who brought me to the Academy.† Now it's like my second home.†

Aeth S'kray:† Well, not in big parts, I think.† I'm not as active as I used to, and therefore I don't teach much.† I can't do any trials as well for they do not exist any longer.† My focus now is generally to keep any eye on the server when I'm around and to visit the forum.

Silk Monkey:† Yes and no.† I have to look at all conflicts on servers differently, taking a non-partisan view on things.† I also have to be much more observant and thoughtful in how I do things.† But at the same time, I still focus on having a good time, and making sure others enjoy themselves too.

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