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1.4.3: Jedi Trainer Interviews -monkai - May 22 05:07am
1. When did you join the JA?

: Well I actually was hanging around the lucasforums while they were talking about making the JA, but I was really sceptical about it; I didn't really think it would be much of a success. So I didn't really think about it much afterwards, just kept in track of how it was going I suppose. I only really joined up a few weeks after it came up. May 2002 I think it was?

FaDed: I came to the Jedi Academy February 28th, 2003 after being referred here by a friend and clanmate, T-Siduro.

Luke Skywalker: I joined the Jedi Academy at probably around September of 2002.

{SKX}Dark Blade: I joined pretty much the day it was opened. I am ID 94.

Bubu: Truthfuly, I don't exactly remember. I know that I have seen the academy before it was even openend. I made a mental note to check it out again when they opened it but as is the way with mental notes, I forgot. I think I joined somewhere around september or october of 2002.

2. When did you become JAT?

Erm, some time midway through December 2003. December 14th if i remember correctly

FaDed: I was promoted to JAT on December 3rd, 2003 after my trial with massadoobie and DJ_Sith.

Luke Skywalker: I became a Jedi Academy Trainer I believe in February of 2003? I made it with Dark Blade. Good times DB, good times.

{SKX} Dark Blade: I became a JAT a few days after luke did.

Bubu: Late March 2003

3. Did you ever want to leave the JA?

: Plenty of times. When i got caught up with everything here at the ja, i totally neglected my RL. My grades were going down at school, i didn't exercise, i did nothing at all. When i realised this, i wanted to leave the ja, in order to help build up my RL again. But thanks to DJ, i've been able to keep my rank and still fix up my RL. I'm now pretty much back in business. Yay

FaDed: I would never leave the Jedi Academy unless absolutely necessary. but having said that, there is an end to my stay here and it is fast approaching. This summer I will be leaving my family, friends, and even the Jedi Academy to serve a full time mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I will be gone for 2 years. Hopefully the Jedi Academy will still be around when I get back.

Luke Skywalker:I've thought about leaving once or twice a while back. I won't say why, though.

{SKX} Dark Blade: I was thinking about leaving the JA two times. Once when I got bored with jk2 around the october of two years ago. The second time was a few monthes ago when I was JAT and I felt was worthless to the JA.

Bubu: Yes and I even did for a while. But the JA is too awesome. Can't leave it.

4: What is your proudest moment in the JA?

: My proudest moment in the JA was when I first became a JAK. I can still remember how happy I was when I passed the trial.

Bubu: Seeing so many of my old students become JAKs and JATs.

Luke Skywalker: My proudest moment would have to have been presented with the rank of JAT. To say it out flat, JAT was my goal the second I set foot in the Jedi Academy. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have made it out of so many others who could have as well.

{SKX} Dark Blade: My proudest moment in the JA was either me passing the Journeyman trial or Knight or when I beat phr00t in this weird end of class tourney from a fluke ydfa that he backflipped into 5 seconds into the duel.

FaDed: I can't pick any one moment. There are so many things that I have done and even more things that others have done that have made me proud. One of my favorite moments though was my first day on the servers. I had been introduced to the map and had all the rules explained to me by the folks on the server. But then Huxley, who was a JAT at the time, came on and started to train me in things I had never done before. I had been playing Jedi Outcast since it came out, so I was impressed to learn something new. Anyway, it was from this moment that the desire to teach first started to burn within me.

5: Do you think Jacen Aratan smells?
(BTW Sry I did this Jacen but I knew I just had to xD)

xAnAtos: Ya're darn right i think he smells. The guy has this strange stink about him...dont get too close to him....(Hehe j/k love ya Jace )

Luke Skywalker: In a jokingly manner, yes, Jacen does smell. In all seriousness, Jacen is one of my coolest friends. ^_^

{SKX} Dark Blade: I really can't smell Jacen. I block my nose up many years ago due to being a stable boy

Bubu: That's like asking "Is the pope catholic?"

FaDed: Jacen Aratan smells of freshly picked roses newly sprinkled with dew.

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