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2.1: General Force Information -Jake Kainite - Feb 15 03:12am
Force Pool and Force Power Regeneration - Depending on the maximum Force Rank declared by the server, a maximum number of Force Points is assigned to the Force Pool. These maximums are:

Initiate - 5 points

Padawan - 10 points

Jedi - 20 points

Jedi Adept - 30 points

Jedi Guardian - 50 points

Jedi Knight - 75 points

Jedi Master - 100 points

The use of each Force Power subtracts a certain number of points from the available points of the Force Pool. The specific amounts are listed in each power description. The number of graphical "bars" required to use a Force Power will vary depending on the maximum Force Rank. Be very aware of the Rank set by the server, it can radically alter the perceived amount of Force necessary to use the different Powers.

Push/Pull-Counter Force Use - Resisting a Force Push or Force Pull is automatic if you are in a defensible position and uses no Force power. However, if your character is has been drained of, or has used up enough of the Force power in his/her Force Pool to drop below the Minimum Usable Force for Push/Pull, then your character is incapable of automatically countering a Force Push/Pull.

Deactivation/Reactivation Delay - All Force Powers have a short delay associated with their reactivation or deactivation. Powers having a deactivation delay are: Absorb, Rage, Mind Trick, Protection, Seeing and Speed. An example of this would be turning on the Force Absorb power. Once you have turned it on, you must wait for a moment before being able to turn it off, but you may turn it back on immediately upon turning it off if you wish. All other Powers have reactivation delays associated with them. This delay is slightly greater than 1 second.


* Duration - The amount of time this Force Power can remain in Continuous use before being shut off automatically.
* Force Use - The amount of power drained from the Force Pool when this power is used. Initial is how much is immediately drained upon use and Maintenance is the amount per second used while the Power is still in effect.
* Force Cost – How many force points need to be allocated to the force power at each level.

Force power execution types - There are 3 different types of execution for force powers. Each force power will be one of these:

* Press
* Switch
* Press and hold

Press - This category encompasses force powers Push, Pull, Heal, Team Heal and Team Energize. This type of force power execution is the most instant and only requires one press of the button assigned to the power. Other powers can be used with one press but not at full potential. An example of this is drain or lightning which are included in the press and hold category as that is their most common use.

Switch - This category is the most common and encompasses force powers Speed, Seeing, Absorb, Protection, Mind Trick, Rage. Press their activation key once and they will run until they either run out of force, their time limit runs out or you hit the key again.

Press and Hold – This category is an extension of ‘press’ force powers, but with extended use. This includes the force powers Jump, Grip, Lightning and Drain. The longer you hold the button, the longer the force will be used until either you stop holding or they run out of force or time.
Light Side Powers
Light Side Powers

Dark Side Powers
Dark Side Powers

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