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3.2: Movement Tactics -Huxley - Feb 15 05:32am
Movement is more than just knowing the special moves.

The right control setup: Everything starts here. This is a very personal choice everyone has to find for themselves. However there are some guidelines you should follow. I would recommend you to use a WASD combination and not the arrow keys. Your hand is much more relaxed and feels more comfortable this way. Believe me, after some time you won’t want to change your WASD controls against anything else. You should have necessary commands like “use”, “crouch” or “jump” as close as possible to your WASD keys to activate them smooth and fast. You will need some forces right next to you, for example heal, absorb, drain or grip. It might be a good idea to change forces from F- to number keys as well. Notice however not to use the same fingers for actions you need access to simultaneously or in a fast row. Grip and jump, for example, should be on different fingers (for gripkick) or crouch and jump for performing combos.

Best is to experiment with different setups before finally deciding. Once you have found a good combination you shouldn't change it too much. It’s easier for your brain to automate chains for actions this way. And that’s all you want ;-)

Movement in combat: Movement in combat should only be one thing: Effective. There is no point is running or jumping around aimless, every action you take should be well considered. Your movement should consist on three steps:

* Recon: What is your enemy planning? What move is he going to do? What countermeasures do I have to plan? Where will he be at the end of his move? Where is he retreating to?

You may have to stand still for a while but try to keep this analyzing phase as short as possible or even do it while attacking as you are vulnerable.

* Approach: After planning your further steps you have to execute your plan. In case you might want to start an attack yourself, you have to get close to your enemy. You should somehow mask this phase of approach and try to sneak up to your enemy. You can even try leading him into a trap with approaching directly, breaking up right before his counter measure (for example a lunge) and countering yourself (step aside, lunge yourself)
* Retreat: After an successful or failed attack you should get out to prevent hits. Keep in mind however that jumping, rolling, kicking etc lowers your saber defense and might *not* save you from a close hit. Planning is everything. You need some experience to get out alive, experimenting is the best way. For example, a direct roll towards your opponent and behind his back might be a better way than rolling backwards but still be in his saber range.

Mental Pressure: This is actually quite theoretical but works surprisingly well. There is a set distance that every duelist starts with. It may vary in different rooms or maps, but it usually it not smaller than a DFA range. This “law of nature” developed in version 1.2 out of the pure need for protection against DFAs and is still valid today. You can use this to your advantage. Decrease start distance in a duel or try to get closer to your opponent during the fight. You have to cover this however, you have to do it subliminal. You can do this during the fight as well, get closer to your opponent as necessary or usual.

The effect can be amazing. Especially inexperienced duelists will see you as a threat and either retreat or start a headless, unplanned attack. This way you can either maneuver your enemy either in a corner or an other place without escape or use his premature attack as a chance you land a counter.

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Maybe there should be summit bout The Dance and Fake swings in here to. Just a suggestion though :P
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