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3.1: Special Moves -Icco - Feb 15 05:19am
Please note: At the moment, this article is focused on the movement found in JK2. Most of this stuff can be applied in JK:JA except things like the Front Kick and the kick DFA. Sooner or later, we'll update for JK:JA, but until then...

Front Kick - Run towards a person, wall or object and tab jump twice. You should start the kick when you are about one player’s height away from you target. You ping has a large effect on whether the kick will be performed or not.

If you perform a kick on a person you will hurt his health, regardless of his shield, at he will loose 18 HP. Your enemy will sometime get knocked down by a kick. While this seems to appear on random, it looks like if you start the kick later the chance of knocking down will increase.

Notice that you can influence where you will land. If you keep down forward during a kick all the time, you will land right in front of the object you’ve kicked. If you hold backward instead of forward during the kick, you will land about 2 players length away from the object you’ve kicked. This is useful for doing a kickDFA (see Saber Section) or for getting in your chasers back.

Training Tips:

* Find a flat 90 degree angle wall and try to kick it, land then kick again. Repeat this as long as you can, try to focus and have a very steady pace kicking against the wall. You might want to start your own server for getting 0 ping.
* Run up to the 4 short pillars (that you can stand on) in the matrix area, and try to kick over them. To do this, simply wait until you are ALMOST touching the pillars, then calmly, hit jump twice. Make sure you keep your mouse eyelevel centered. Don’t look down, or it will affect the kick. If you are having trouble, try to move the mouse upwards, as you are jumping/kicking. This is the kick that is most likely to knock down your opponent.

Side Kick - Strafe towards a wall (left or right) then hit jump once. Performed on a person, it will hurt his health 20 HP, again regardless of the shield.

Training Tips:

* Try to find a narrow hallway like the observatory in the Jedi Academy map. Start sidekicking the first wall, then as you land against the other one, means you will look like you are bouncing from one side to the other.
* Do the as in Tip 1, but turn 180 degree while in air. You wont need to change your movement in this variant.

Wall Walk - run diagonal (forward-left or forward-right) towards a wall. As soon as you touch it, hit jump. This will let you run up the wall. You can stop walking at any point, just hit jump again to sidekick off. If you sidekick off the wall, and let go of all the buttons, you will side kick out farther, than if you hold down the keys.

Advanced Training Tips:

* Try front and side kicking with 360 degree movement changes.
* Wall walk down a narrow hallway like the observatory in the Jedi Academy map. As your wall walk gets near to the end, hit jump to sidekick to the other wall, turn around in mid flight, and wall walk down the other side of the hall. Try to see how far and how long you can stay in the air, and not touch the ground, switch sides by sidekicks, and wall walking back and forth down the halls.

Catapult Jump - This jump, cannot be done standing, you must have a slanted piece of ground to perform it off of. Jump, Roll, or bunny hop onto a slanted part of the ground. Let go of the Jump button in the air, and then hit and hold jump as you hit the ground. The more angled your piece of ground is, the more will it boost you jump. Also, landing as close to the part where the edge meets the flat ground or ends will increase your jump’s power. Also, the more speed you already have, the more speed will you gain with the catapult. You can do really huge jump with that.

* Do the Catapult Jump on the ffa_yavin map, and try to jump again when you land in the middle of the map. Within *2* jumps you should make it from the top of the hill, to the whole other side of the map.
* Do the Catapult Jump on the map ffa_bespin. The map is full of those slanted pieces you need. Start at the landing platform and try hoping around the whole level by only using catapult jumps. Your route should be like this. However, you need a fast force regeneration or you will run out of force.

Strafe Jump - This may be a bit tricky to understand. Follow these steps:

-pick a point about 1-2 player lengths away from you

-start running straight towards it

-as soon as you reached your point add left (or right) to your movement

-hit jump and keep all 3 keys down

-in air, slowly start turning your mouse, into the direction you moved in step 3 (left or right). This is the hardest part to understand: You have to move it 45 degree during the whole jump. That means: You’ve started your jump looking at 0 degree and ended it looking at 45 degree. Do this mouse-turning slow but constantly and it will boost your jump a lot.

You can even do it not with one big jump, but many small ones. This will accelerate you even more than the big strafe jump and is generally called bunny hoping.

*** This is a very hard jump to understand from just text writings. Ask any of the Knights or Teachers to help you out with this, if you are having trouble.

Training Tips:

* Strafe Jump from one platform in the Matrix room, to the other side's platform
* Strafe Jump on top of the pillar in the courtyard (hint: tap the back button to slow down your travel, once you have reached the top of the pillar.
* Bunny hop in ffa_yavin all around the upper part of the map

Cartwheel - Walk in either the right or left direction, then tap the Jump key and the Attack key quickly after each other to perform the Cartwheel. This move costs 10 Force Points to perform. Note: This move applies only to JK:JA

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Mar 07 2006 05:44pm

Fullmetal D'Kana
 - Jedi Instructor
 Fullmetal D'Kana

You need to include the much faster circle jump :P

Sep 29 2005 01:31am

 - Student

the JA + mod has kicking ut it has a bunch of otehr stuff and in genral the flip kick ruins ceran stuff in many ways and that is why th JK3 server doesnt have it. Also a staff use can technicly 'kick' :p
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Mar 15 2005 04:01pm

 - Student

Will it come some for JK:JA soon?
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Aug 28 2004 03:08pm

 - Student

Kicking is only available in JK2, at least, in the base game, being what we teach here:).
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Jul 28 2004 05:35pm

Quom Farlance
 - Student
 Quom Farlance

will there be any class active to practise kicking?
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May 16 2004 11:14pm

 - Student

when will we be able to front kick and strafe kick people? :(:)

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