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4.1.2: Swings -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 05:58am
There are three kinds of swings:

Side swing

Forward Swing

Diagonal swing

-Side swing
Strafe right or left, and push fire. In yellow and red style you will then perform a side swing.

-Forward swing
Run forward and push fire.

-Diagonal swing
A combination of both swings: run forward and left or right, then push fire. You will make a downward swing, but it wil also go a bit to the left or right (depending on if you use left or right, of course).

Right, now that you know a bit about the stances and swings, we can start talking about the details of every stance. I'll divide every stance into two subsections: specials, and combos.

In JK:JA, there is an additional move. I guess it wouldn't be classified as a swing, but it'll be here.

Perform a roll by pressing the Forward + Crouch + Run keys, then at the end of the roll, press the Attack button to perform the Rollstab move.

Note: There have been many opinions on whether roll stab should be used in a duel simply because of its recovery time of getting away. It can be very effective when used correctly. The key of hitting with a roll stab is to surprise your opponent. Roll stabs are not advised to be used in FFA’s.

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