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4.1.3: General Lightsaber Strategies -D@RtHM@UL - Oct 29 09:44pm
The Single Saber is a great saber-style, which can be used both offensively as defensively and requires different tactics against each saber.

Saber Staff:

When fighting a Staff user, you should not take the offense too much since the Staff has a high offensive power. To effectively win against a Staff user, it’s smart to let him attack first, and then move in when he is open. Fast moves are the most effective most of the times, since a slow, for example Red Stance, swing will take a lot of time, and might get you killed pretty fast.

Dual Sabers:

The Dual Saber is something like the opposite of the Staff in that it is more defensive then offensive. Don’t think that the Dual Sabers won’t do much damage to you and that you can just rush in, because you will end up surprised. But, since Dual Sabers have a good defense, it will take strategy and some tactics to get them. The best choice is, like with the Staff user, to wait until they make a move, and then, when they are recovering from their move, hit them hard. Red Stance side-swings are very effective when the Dual Saber user is open and will take them down fast.

Single Saber:

This is probably the hardest saber to beat because the user can change stances, which in turn changes the tactics used, during a duel; therefore, he can easily adjust to his opponents playing style, make it hard to beat. To beat a Single Saber user, it depends on both your stances: against Red Stance, it’s best to use Yellow, since it’s faster and can hit a Red Stance user hard when recovering from a move. When both using the same stance, it’s smart to change to the stance best suited for the situation, if you're both using Red Stance, and your opponent is doing a lot of combos, it’s smart to change to Yellow, and get in fast and hard when your opponent is recovering from his combo, or swing.

There really isn’t a certain winning strategy as it all depends on the skill and tactics of you and your opponent because a tactic that works extremely well on one person can be completely useless against someone else.

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Jan 25 2011 07:15am

darth tyranus
 - Student

This is what I use In battle myself.:empire:

lets battle

Jun 14 2005 03:19pm

mase sudubone
 - Student

This is what I use In battle myself.:empire:

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