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4.3: Yellow Stance -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:12am
Yellow is the medium style. Medium damage and medium speed make yellow a sometimes devastating style, combining both speed with damage. It’s most common use is to do a sort of hit and run style against red stance. Yellow also has two specials. Yellow has spin combos as well as swing combos. I will start with the specials.

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Mar 08 2004 05:35am

Ithrien Dusat
 - Ex-Student

This is for the Staff. this is i believe all of the moves. not combos, just regular moves.

Regular Attacks:

Left + Attack
Right + Attack
Left-Hold + Attack-Hold
Right-Hold + Attack-Hold
Forward Left + Attack
Forward Right + Attack
Forward Left-Hold + Attack-Hold
Forward Right-Hold + Attack-Hold
Back Left + Attack
Back Right + Attack
Back Left-Hold + Attack-Hold
Back Right-Hold + Attack-Hold
Left Attack-Hold + Back-Hold
Right Attack-Hold + Back-Hold
Left Attack-Hold + Forward-Hold
Right Attack-Hold + Forward Hold


Forward Duck + Attack
Forward Jump + Attack
Left Jump + Attack
Right Jump + Attack
Back + Attack(Only when someone is behind you)
Forward Kick + Attack(This only works when you knock the player down, you will stab him with your staff doing Massive amounts of damage.)

Feel free to contribute to this.

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Feb 29 2004 12:12pm

 - Ex-Student

Someone is going to burn me for this I swear it. :D

Sweet! It's up!

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