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4.3.1: Specials -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:27am
Yellow has two specials:

The Backswing
The yDFA

-The Backswing
A swing backwards. You'll turn around while swinging your saber. The backswing works the same as the backstab: make sure you stand with your back towards you enemy, and push fire.

Advanced: You can perform a double handed backswing as well. Simply press and hold down crouch while performing a swing. However it does not seem to give any extra damage. You can even do it in air, which is a good training for finger control.

-The Yellow DFA (yDFA)
The yDFA (Yellow Death From Above) is a vertical jump in the air while slicing your saber horizontally, and can be hard to perform. The right key combination: walk forward, then when you see your opponent's name in your crosshair (must be enabled), hit fire and jump at the same time. This last bit is important, if you don't push them at the right time, you’ll screw it up.

Note: In JK:JA, you no longer need your opponents name in your cross hair, nor do they need to be near you. Just press the Forward button, then quickly tap the Jump button and the Attack button at the same time. However, this move now costs 25 Force Points.

Advanced: If you perform a spin combo in yellow style, and then perform the yellow dfa at the end of the spin you will make a so called 'bug DFA'. Normally you'll stand on the ground for quite some time after a dfa, but with the 'bug DFA', you can walk along immediately after dfa-ing. This will, however, take one health point from you.

In JK:JA, there are a few additional specials and moves:

-Normal Yellow Kata
Press the Attack button (default: Mouse 1) and the Alternate Attack button (default: Mouse 2) at the same time. This move costs 50 Force Points to perform.

-Alternate Yellow Kata
Make sure your Lightsaber is on, then just before you do the Normal Yellow Kata press your Saber Off Key. Then you should see your character perform the Normal Yellow Kata with it’s Lightsaber off. Normally you would let go of Attack + Alternate Attack after the Normal Yellow Kata, but now hold it and you should see your characters Lightsaber ignite again and do the Alternate Yellow Kata. This move costs 80 Force Points to perform.

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