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4.3.2: Combos -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:36am
Yellow has a wide variation of combos. There are two different combos:

-Swing combos
You can combine many moves, such as: left-swing, diagonal swing, forward-swing. You can combine these in various ways. Right and Left can be combined as well. You can chain 5 swings in a row (without specials). For example:

Left diagonal swing, right diagonal swing, forward swing.
Left, left diagonal swing, forward.

These moves can be very devastating in duels when performed correctly. Although, other people will say combos alone aren’t worth anything. TIMING is what’s important.

Advanced: Try combining these moves yourself. There are many, many combinations. However the trick of a combo is not only to do it, but to do it correctly. Slashing at the air instead of slicing your opponent will gain you nothing. It is all about timing, when to do what swing. Horizontal swings generally have a longer range, forward swings do the most damage but have a lower range plus it is harder to get a hit. Diagonal Swings are a combination of the two others.

-Spin combos
Spin combos are combos (as the name says) which make you spin around with your saber pointed outwards. Examples of spin combos:

Double spin: Forward+left, at the end of swing add backwards and release forward. (this requires a lot of practice to get it right).

Single spin: sideswing (left), at the end of swing add backwards.

These are the two basic spin combos. There are also easier ways to make a spin combo:

Left diagonal swing, then just release forward, but keep the rest pushed. This makes you perform a single spin, but in an easier way.

Advanced: You can also make a double spin by combining the easy way with the first described way:

Left diagonal swing, release forward, at the end of the spin, add backwards. You'll now make the first spin a lot faster.

You can do theese spins in the air as well by doing a tiny hop right before the spin. But it’s a chapter for itself and will be covered later.

Note from the editor: Many duelers advise you to not use any spins as they leave you quite open. Why do an attack when your saber is ¾ of the time away from your enemy?

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Feb 01 2008 12:23am

 - Padawan

yeh its 5
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Oct 24 2005 12:58pm

 - Student


You can do that as many times as you wish. I.E:

Left Scissor, Right Scissor, Left Scissor, Right Scissor, Left Scissor, Right Scissor, etc.

actually, with Yellow stance single saber there is a limit for how many you can do, uh cant remember the number though 5 or 6 i think.

please correct me if im way off
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Jun 14 2005 03:55pm

 - Student

To do scissors: - : (Easy Way)

Hold attack and walk.

Then press strafe left, and when you are halfway through the left scissor, press strafe right and you'll do a right scissor afterwards.

You can do that as many times as you wish. I.E:

Left Scissor, Right Scissor, Left Scissor, Right Scissor, Left Scissor, Right Scissor, etc.

After you have mastered this move, you may wish to ask another member to show you how to perform the Buzzsaw.

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Oct 27 2004 04:30pm

 - Jedi Council

How to do scissors to be added, since they are the most used combo.
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Sep 15 2004 11:07am

 - Cosplay Nerd

Ur, I think that comment belongs in the staff saber combo section. Maybe someone could move it?
Just a suggestion. :)
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Apr 07 2004 07:03am

 - Ex-Student

if playing JA, a great little move with a double bladed saber is to strafe left/right and spin your charecter with your mouse whilst attacking. The result is a sideways stab (after a spin which as said before can leave you vunerable) that usually goes past the best defences!
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