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4.4: Red Stance -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:40am
Red is the slowest, but also the strongest style. A good hit with red can kill a player with 100/25 HP in one strike. Red style closely resembles yellow in combos and specials: red style has got two specials and you can perform swing combos as well as spin combos with red. You can chain 3 swings (without specials).

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Mar 21 2006 10:17am

O'Liin Onasi
 - Student
 O'Liin Onasi

It would ure be nice if we could have a section on red aerials.

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Feb 29 2004 12:12pm

 - Ex-Student

Someone is going to burn me for this I swear it. :D

Sweet! It's up!

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