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4.4.1: Specials -Lord Exar Kun - Feb 28 06:47am
Red style has two specials:

The Backswing
The rDFA

-The Backswing: Same as with yellow, only with red style, which is more devastating. This move works the same as the backstab and the backswing in yellow. Put your back towards your opponent and push fire. Double handed and air sweep are possible as well.

-The Red DFA (RDFA)
A move in which you jump forward while doing a forward swing. Run forward, push fire and when your saber is half way through the forward swing, quickly tap forward and jump. Again, tapping these two at the same time is important. It may be easier for you to perform the move while slowly counting one second (say “21”) before adding the forwar+jump part.

Advanced: There are some advanced ways of red dfa-ing:

Kick DFA: run towards your opponent, and kick him (tab jump twice very fast after each other). While going backwards from the kick, make a swing (this means that you'll have to double tab jump and then keep fire pushed very fast after that). When landing on the ground, you tap forward and jump. You'll than perform the red dfa on the opponent, who will be lying on the ground or recovering after the kick.

Counter DFA: works almost the same as the kick dfa, only this time with a backflip. You jump backwards, and while jumping backwards, you keep fire pushed. As you land, you tap forward and jump. This move is good to counter yDFAs and rDFAs, when your opponent is about to do it, start the backflip and you will get them with their pants down.

Air DFA: You can’t perform a DFA while you’re in the air. However, you can start the swing in air, and doing the forward+jump part right when you’re about to hit the ground. If timed correctly, your feet will magically not hit the gound. This may safe you from fall damage as well.

In JK:JA, there are a few additional specials and moves:

-Normal Red Kata
Press the Attack button (Mouse 1) and the Alternate Attack button (Mouse 2) at the same time. This move costs 50 Force Points to perform.

-Alternate Red Kata
Make sure your Lightsaber is on, then just before you do the Normal Red Kata press your Saber Off Key. Then you should see your character perform the Normal Red Kata with it’s Lightsaber turned off. Normally you would let go of Attack + Alternate Attack after the Normal Red Kata, but now hold it and you should see your characters Lightsaber ignite again and do the Alternate Red Kata. This move costs 80 Force Points to perform.

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Mar 25 2004 12:33pm

 - Ex-Student

On JO, theres a way to defeat a person when they do the DFA at you in red. Its hard to do, but if you backflip THE INSTANT they do the jumping animation, do a swing while backflipping, and do the DFA right when you hit the ground, you should lunge at them before they can move again.:D
"Nothing is impossible." - Me

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