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5.1: Weapons -MINDofSIN - Mar 25 03:04pm
Publishers note: The pictures on the right include the picture of the weapon and the stats referenced below. Thank you, and happy reading.

Weapons are highly under-used in this game. I think this is partly because people don’t know how to use them effectively. If you want to learn how to better defend against weapons, just reverse the tactics mentioned. You should know all the weapons and how to use them, even if you prefer the saber. In this section, you will get some statistics and basic tactics that will help you to get started on your way to becoming a great gunner. However, before you start, you should understand a few basic concepts.

The lightsaber is more effective at blocking when it is in the blue stance and the player is standing still, facing the person shooting at them. The gunners should be able to identify their stance on the fly, and maneuver to get a shot at their back or legs. When you charge a shot with any gun, you can simply switch to a new weapon to cancel it and save some ammo or keep from giving away your position. Some weapons discharge after a certain amount of time while others may maintain a charge until you shoot or switch weapons. It takes ammo to charge a shot, and ammo to fire.

Personally, I like using “lighter” weapons like the Bowcaster and Disruptor against other gunners, and “heavier” weapons like the Flechette and Heavy Repeater against saberists. There are various ways to hone your weapons skill other than actually playing. Check out some classes to learn some drills you can run by yourself, or with other players.

Definition of Stats:

Primary Fire Mode: Self-explanatory

Secondary Fire Mode: Self-explanatory

Ammo Type: The type of ammunition used. Metallic bolt, blaster pack, etc.

Ammo Efficiency: How many units of ammunition the weapon uses in each fire mode.

Damage: 5 Different ratings against different levels of health/armour. Primary against 100/100, Primary against 100/0, Secondary against 100/100, and Secondary against 100/0, Splash Damage from 100/100 at various ranges from the center of each weapons explosion.

-Stun Baton
The stun baton is the default melee weapon if one chooses not to put points into their lightsaber offense, or if they are a Mercenary in Jedi vs. Merc.

Note: It’s a good strategy to run around with the baton equipped in Jedi vs. Merc if you are only facing Jedi so they think you will be an easy kill. Just remember to switch to another gun before actually getting too close.

Like the lightsaber, you spawn with this weapon and it can not be picked up by other players if you die.

The Primary and Secondary attack modes are identical. The stun baton is the only weapon in the game to have only one firing mode.

The stun baton is practically useless against lightsaber wielding enemies or gunners. I highly recommend you abandon this weapon in favour of the stronger, more versatile saber.

-Bryar Blaster Pistol
Your other starting weapon besides the saber or stun baton, the Bryar is a weapon that takes practice if you want to be truly effective. You need to know how to lead your target and how to predict where they will move in any given situation. A few well placed shots can take anyone down.

Although accurate and powerful, the Bryar is slow and the charge can be stopped with push and pull. It’s a good weapon for certain situations, but most weapons are better.

Don’t even try to shoot a guy holding a saber unless he doesn’t know you’re there and you can land a hit.

Facing other gunners, you should hop around, but not so much your aim goes off. Line up your shots carefully and don’t be afraid to take a few hits if it means you can shoot them.

Note: It takes 2 seconds to charge and the charge remains 3 seconds. This is the same for Bowcaster, DEMP-2 and Thermal Detonators.

-E-11 Blaster Rifle(ST Rifle)
The Storm Trooper rifle is one of my favourite guns in the game. It’s accurate enough to provide long range harassment fire in primary, and in secondary it can mow people down from medium-close range.

In CTF/CTY games, I usually save this little beast for chasing down flag carriers. A few shots in the back can be devastating.

Against a saberist, shooting at them head on is almost suicide. In blue stance, 95% of your shots will be reflected back at you. With Dark Rage on and firing in secondary, you can sneak a bunch of shots through their defence by firing at their legs and circle-strafing around them to force them to move. When they move, their Lightsaber is less effective in blocking shots.

Going up against a gunner, the best strategy is to get close and hose with secondary fire while bunny hopping around them.

-Wookiee Bowcaster
The Wookiee Bowcaster is a very powerful weapon. It’s decent in every situation, great in others.

The primary mode is best for up close. With 5 bolts, each doing 25 damage to health and armour, and a good dispersal, this is one of the two “shotguns” of Jedi Outcast. If I can sneak up on someone or see them typing, I usually whip out the Bowcaster and give them a charged primary before moving on (note from the editor: chatkiller ;-)). After a certain amount of time, the charged bolts discharge on their own. The secondary mode is just as powerful, but lacks the sheer volume of the charged primary. I tend to use it for longer ranged engagements or in narrow hallways where the spread of primary would waste shots against the walls. This is a surprisingly good anti-sniper weapon, being able to land a few bouncing bolts before the sniper can un-zoom and move. The shot can bounce up to 5 times up close, or 1 at long range before dissipating.

Unless you can jump around and manage to hit them with a few charged bolts, I wouldn’t recommend using this weapon against a saber wielding opponent. The saberist can and will deflect multiple shots back at you.

Against gunners, the Bowcaster shines. Again, bunny hop around and know HOW and WHEN to fire. I like to bounce shots off the floor that will be about head height when they reach my target. By doing this, you can hit them low if they try to jump. Another neat tactic is to retreat around a corner, and bank shots off a wall towards your enemy. There goes a rumour that charged shots don't spread as wide as usually when you look up or down instead of horizontal. You could use this for example for jumping over your enemy and getting a bigger hit with it. This is not 100% sure though.

-Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle
The Disruptor is the sniper rifle of the game. It has strong advantages and equally strong disadvantages which make it only good for certain uses, like long range sniping (duh!).

The primary fire of this weapon is somewhat weak, but I like it a lot. It’s quick, precise, and good against other snipers who are expecting you to be using the secondary fire. On the other hand, a not charged secondary shot takes about 80 HP. A primary shot, using the same ammo, only damages about 30-40. It is worth to practise your aim with the scope and use secondary whenever possible. Secondary fire is the mode you want to be in for sniping. In secondary, your screen zooms in and your vision is reduced. To counter this don’t zoom in all the way; just tap the secondary fire button. One tactic that I use a lot is to jump, zoom, and fire a quick semi-charged shot before I land. When sniping, you are highly vulnerable from the back and sides. If you start taking fire, un-zoom as fast as you can, whip out your saber, and roll away if you’re near a ledge. If you jump slower than rolling too), you may be pushed and take fall damage or die.

Against gunners or other snipers, it’s a good idea to use level 3 force seeing for two reasons. First, you can see through walls and such, good for anticipating people who pop out from around a corner, shoot at you with a Bryar, and then go back behind cover before doing it again. Also, if you are counter sniped, seeing might save your ass (but remember your legs are still open for shots).

Against saber users, be aware that the lightsaber can block even a fully charged Disruptor shot. Aim for hard-to-block areas like the legs and back. If you’re close to them, shoot as they swing and leave themselves exposed.

-Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
This is one of the most effective guns in the game. For close/medium range both modes of fire can be lethal. In close quarters where there is little room to evade, the secondary fire is a monster. If the grenades come in contact with a person, they explode instantly, like Thermal Detonators. If they miss, they can bounce off objects and come to a rest before exploding, making them easy to lob around corners. This weapon is beautiful if you want to seal off an area for a brief amount of time, or to cover a retreat. A short volley of grenades will take anyone out. In the open, where targets can hop around (they will to avoid your grenades), the flak comes in handy. Notice that not only secondary but also primary fire bounces of walls if you are close enough. The flak bullets only bounce once though.

Against gunners, throw everything you have at them. They are more likely to force push your own shots back at you, so be ready for that.

Against a saberist, you will probably meet someone who jumps around a lot and trys to get close enough to pull your weapon. Unless you have rage and full health, I wouldn’t recommend using the primary fire mode. A saber can deflect most of the bits of flak, but some will sneak through, even if your target is facing you in blue stance. Secondary is your best bet. You may even want to try hitting them in the air with it or get them while they land. Timing is everything with that gun. Take your time and try to land few well placed shots instead of keep firing as soon as secondary mode recharged. It *may* be an alternative in fast modes like ctf, but in a 1vs1 situation it’s better to think first and shoot then.

-Imperial Heavy Repeater
This is another powerhouse weapon in the game. Like the FC-1, it makes a great attack/defend weapon. With the primary fire you really need to hose someone to do significant damage. Fortunately, it’s rate of fire is incredible. It’s faster than the Storm Trooper Rifle, and it’s primary is more accurate than the ST Rifles secondary. Overall the primary is great for close-medium range. The secondary fire takes a bit of time to master because it moves slowly and is affected by gravity but practice will make perfect. The secondary fire has good splash damage, and is beautiful attacking multiple targets in close proximity to each other. A favourite tactic of mine is hitting a wall beside someone and lowering their defenses with splash damage, then pulling them to their death.

Against other gunners, use what you can hit them with. If they’re standing relatively still, you can probably just spray with primary. If they are hopping around like a bunny on crack, then try to blast em with a secondary as they land.

Against a saberist, you want to lob as many concussion blasts as possible at them. The blasts can be force pushed back at you but it takes a fair bit of skill and a lot of luck to do it consistently. If you’re in close, you may catch some splash damage, but that is far superior to getting your primary shots deflected back at your soon-to-be corpse. It may also be a nice idea to fire some primary first. Most guys will stand still, reflecting your shots or try to come close to you for a saber kill. They are easy prey for your secondary now. Changing between the two modes can give you nice results.

-Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System
The Merr-Sonn is feared by many players. If you get trapped in a small area going up against this weapon, you are as good as dead. The splash damage can knock players from ledges easily. A quick barrage, especially if you’re sniping, will keep your hands full and disrupt any defence. The primary fire mode is great, mainly because it does the same damage as the secondary, uses half the ammo, and travels faster (although still slow). Because they travel so slow, they are very easy to force-push back at the guy shooting them. A barrage of rockets can prove much more difficult, and will require more extreme evasive movement and well timed force pushing. For the most part, this tactic is only effective when the targets movement is limited. The secondary fire is much less valuable to me, for the reasons mentioned above. Experienced players can avoid the rocket long enough to set-up a move where they make it crash into an object, or even a player on the enemy team (takes a lot of skill). Despite it’s flaws, the homing mode can be good for players who can’t aim, attacking from the rear, or longer ranged shots (although not recommended). The most important thing to remember when using the Merr-Sonn is to either A. Conserve ammo; or B. Get more ammo. One nasty little trick I like is to run around shooting at people with a Bryar or Repeater, then whipping out the launcher and surprising them up close. Also, this is a great diversionary weapon because it draws lots of attention.

Against other gunners, use the powerful splash damage to your advantage. They may have to slow down or stop to shoot accurately, but your weapons power allows you to be less-accurate if you have the ammunition for it. There is a sweet tactic with the use of secondary fire and primary fire together. It only works for not moving targets like snipers though. Shoot one slow secondary missile, not necessarily homed. Fire one fast primary missile right after it. If timed right, both the secondary and the overhauling secondary missile will hit at the same time resulting in an instant kill.

Against a saberist, just unload on them, especially if they are in a group.

I have encouraged you to shoot a lot, but only when your shots will achieve a desired effect. Don’t waste ammo. Rockets are few and far between. Another neat thing to know is that a single player can only push every second missile if you fire as fast as you can. If your enemy relies simply on push, it may be worth the try to let him push your first rocket and letting the second one hit. Another good idea: Fire a slow secondary rocket on your target, pull out an other guy, for example sniper, and wait for the saberist to push your rocket. This will leave him open for your charged sniper. Voilà.

Note: Some people play “Rocket-Ball”. It’s a game like tennis where people force push a rocket back and forth. It’s fun and a good way to work on your timing.

-Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse Gun (DEMP 2)
This is a fun weapon to use. Hitting a fully armoured enemy, this will take away more damage than any other weapon in the game. Check the stats. For the most part, I use this weapon selectively. Primary mode is kind of like the ST Rifle, firing fast and doing a small amount of damage per shot. It’s good for covering an advance rearward (a retreat), or for close quarters if you have no other weapons. The secondary fire is much more useful to me, especially on levels like Nar Shadda where you can use it’s “expanding” effect to hurl people off ledges. The blast expands rapidly in ALL directions, so it is possible to hit people through walls and such. The ion blasts travel slowly, but have a huge impact radius. With practice, you can land shots on people consistently, and because they are quiet and very hard to spot, you can remain hidden. Also, in any game type, taking away armour with charged shots (very effective, even the blast radius) before switching to another weapon-that doesn’t use power cells because this thing uses a ton of ammo-to finish them is a good tactic.

Against a gunner, especially a defender/camper, you should definitely try to land a solid secondary hit, then switch to another weapon.

One of the best qualities of this weapon is that it cannot be blocked by the lightsaber or force pushed back at you. I don’t recommend switching weapons if you have enough ammo left over. Just unload on them with secondary until they get close.

Note: Secondary does not harm yourself! You can even shoot in front of you to blast melee fighters away from you.

-Thermal Detonators
Although not as powerful as the mini-nuke type device portrayed in ROTJ, the Thermal Detonators in this game are still quite good when used in the right situation. The primary fire mode throws a grenade that explodes after a few seconds, or on contact with another player. The secondary explodes on contact with any person or surface. Both are useful for different situations. In damage testing, both fire modes dealt equal damage in one situation, while different in another. We got different results each time. I tend to use primary only when I am being pursued or when I want to bank shots around corners, through windows, down elevator shafts etc. If nothing else, it will make them think twice. If they step on it, they get hurt, or if they catch some splash damage, they get hurt. I use secondary when they get closer. For any medium-close range battle, these work pretty well. However, be careful not to take damage from your own detonators.

Against gunners, these suck if you’re going against them head on. You need to be really good at hurling Detonators. I recommend switching weapons fast.

These things are a bit tricky to force push away, but they get easier with range. In close quarters like the area by the Disruptor Rifle in ctf_bespin, it’s very easy to hit them. You can even push your own detonators to increase their range.

-Trip Mines
Trip mines are effective weapons when you know how to place them. If they see the mines, they will shoot them before moving on. Multiple mines placed close together will cause a chain reaction if one explodes (not in secondary). Also, you can’t place them on top of each other (except in secondary). There are various ways to place them to maximize their chances of hitting someone. First of all, know the map and the routes people take. Place the mines around corners, behind pillars, on lights, scatter them around your flag, where your opponents will drop down, and silhouetted against the sky. It’s good idea to only place one “trigger mine” and the rest as “damage mines”. Trigger mines are those who seal a door etc and which trigger the explosion. Damage mines are there to increase the damage but should remain hidden. One laser beam is better than three. But be careful not to hide them too far away as they have to explode in a chain reaction with your trigger mine. Also, you can place det packs instead of damage mines to get more damage, or use a det pack as a trigger. Secondary fire is a bit tricky and takes some experience to use. Its main advantage is that they are not commonly used. They explode either by contact or after some seconds. The second fact make them extremely good for splash damage traps. Lay the mines while retreating and other players will want to walk around them and not expecting they will explode even without them triggering them which is especially useful for flag carriers in CTF. Another deadly use of them is a sort of kamikaze run. Through the mines right on them, causing massive splash damage but getting hurt yourself. You can use it to cover retreats or as a panic weapon if you’re facing multiple enemies. One trick is to drop mines on a surface below you in a way that people can walk by without triggering them. When they run by, you jump out and trigger the mines from above.

Detonation Packs
Check the trip mines section for different ways to place det packs. The basic rule is to put them where your opponents don’t expect them. They really only have one mode of fire, with the secondary fire key being used to detonate them.

The one huge disadvantage to det packs is that after a short amount of time, 25-30 seconds, they explode on their own. They disappear if you are killed or leave the server, while mines do not.

You can det pack jump to get much higher than is possible using force jump. It’s best to co-ordinate with a team-mate for this though. Get them to place a mine, then you stand on it and wait. Apparently, det packs shoot you higher when the expire and blow up on their own. Either way, you will go very high. A good example of this is placing a sniper up on the top pipes in the center of ctf_bespin. You can use this for a quite interesting tactic in team games. Plan a way your mate (flag carrier) wants to use, and set up det packs there. Now while he is running from his chasers, you blow up the dets at the right moment (timing is very tricky) and he will fly miles, and if friendly fire is disabled, not taking damage. Be careful though, it’s like a huge kick in the ass you cannot control. I wouldn't use this in ctf_ns_streets but others like ctf_yavin are great places to use.

Another tactic to have fun with: Mindtrick in the heat of the battle, get close to your victim, use the dets (watch out, you are uncloaked now!) and use them as soon as possible. Although it sounds very unreliable, it works great.
Stun Baton
Stun Baton

Bryar Blaster Pistol
Bryar Blaster Pistol

E-11 Blaster Rifle(ST Rifle)
E-11 Blaster Rifle(ST Rifle)

The Wookiee Bowcaster
The Wookiee Bowcaster

Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle
Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle

Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon

Imperial Heavy Repeater
Imperial Heavy Repeater

Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System
Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System

Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse Gun (DEMP 2)
Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse Gun (DEMP 2)

Thermal Detonators
Thermal Detonators

Trip Mines
Trip Mines

Detonation Packs
Detonation Packs

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