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5.2: Items -MINDofSIN - Mar 25 03:25pm
Items are very important. Know how they work, when to use them, and where to find them. In non-team games, whore the items, especially health and shield, for all you are worth. In team games, only take what you need because a team mate might need it more.

Med Packs

Med packs restore 25 points of health when you pick them up. Med packs are usually found in groups of three. You can hide det packs and mines inside med packs to get easy kills in FFA games.

You start the game with 125 health, which immediately starts ticking down to 100. Other than this, 100 is the maximum health you can have at any given time beside JediMaster.


Bacta Canisters give you full health. Save them until you are fairly low on health. Since you can only carry one at a time, you need to conserve them. In non-team games, ALWAYS use the bacta you’re carrying and pick up a new one. It gives you 100 health and denies your enemies access to it.

Personal Shields

Shields are important because they weaken the damage from weapons, including the lightsaber. When weapons hit a shielded player, they let off a slight green glow. Watch for this to see if they are shielded or not. Force grip and kicking are not effected by how much armour you have and always do the damage to your health.

There are two varieties of shields in the game. First, you have small shield packs that restore 25 health. Like the med packs, these are usually placed in groups of 3. Also, you have large shield boosters that give you 100 shield points. They are usually rare or in hard to reach areas. If you can, always grab the small shield packs before a large one.

You start the game with 25 shields. With small shield packs, you can get up to 100 shield points, but no more. A large shield booster will give you 100 points, no matter what. If you have 100/25 and pick up a large booster, you will have 100/125. The excess armour points (up to 200…I love math) slowly count down to 100.

Shield Stations (Power Converters)

Shield stations are small garbage can type objects that emit a green glow. To use them, stand in front of them and press the Use key. You will hear a “draining” sound and your shields will replenish. The converter is only found in team games and can only restore about 60 armour points before it lets out a low beep and needs to recharge. I rarely use these unless I have the flag or it’s FFA and I really need the health. When using these, you are very vulnerable to attack. If the station is in a corner, go around the other side or on top and look down, before you use it. It will increase your defence.

Force Fields

Force Fields (Shield Generators) are a situational use item. They project a horizontal blue wall that drops when approached by the person who placed it or one of their team mates but it does not drop for enemies. The force field automatically drops after a set amount of time or after it has taken a set amount of damage from either friendly or enemy fire.

I like using these items for various things. Because you can jump over a shield with level 3 jump, they are much more effective inside. Obviously, their best use is to stop your pursuers while escaping from an enemy base. The corridors of ctf_yavin are a perfect place for this.

A fun tactic is to deploy the shield with someone on the other side, step close and cause it to drop, grip the person, and step back again. The shield activates and they can’t push or shoot you. Another spin on this is simply to walk close, deactivate the shield, and shoot them.

Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns are small, automated devices which you can place and forget. A few well placed sentry guns can make or break a defence. They have relatively short range. When a sentry spots someone, it locks on and starts shoot until it is destroyed, it runs out of ammo and self-destructs, or they go out of range.

It’s best to shoot these things from outside their range. If you get close, you might want to whip out your saber and block the shots. On the flip side, you want to place your guns on the other side of your opponents. Putting one in the middle of the hallway of ctf_bespin while you stand at a side of the hall can sandwich people between a Flechette/Repeater and a sentry.

When deploying these, either strafe or do a 360 as you place them. If you drop one right in front of you, it blocks you for a second or two. A neat little thing, drop them from a jump right over your enemy. He may take some time to realise what's going on.

Seeker Drones

I use these little things in the heat of battle to provide a tad bit more fire power, or to detect people, especially those using mind trick. If a seeker droid starts shooting a “wall”, flick on force seeing and go Ewok on them.

Seeker Drones have a long range.


These lizards have an aura around them where the force doesn’t exist. In the game, if you pick one up, it prevents you from using any kind of force, but it also keeps other people from using force attacks on you.

I would not recommend you using any of these simply because of the huge disadvantage of not being able to use force.

Capture the Ysalamari (CTY) is like CTF but the flags have a Ysalamari sitting on them that makes the flag carrier invulnerable to the force.


In CTF/CTY, each team has a flag that they must defend while stealing the other team's flag. When your flag is stolen by the enemy team, you see an icon in the lower left portion of your screen above your health bar and a voice informs you of what has happened. Once stolen, the flag must be brought to your flag bay with your flag to score a point.

When you pick up a flag in 3rd person view, it can block your vision and make shooting difficult. Be careful of this.

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