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6.3: Duel -Jake Kainite - Mar 26 03:33am
The game of Duel is also known as Tournament Mode. In Duel there can be any number of players on a server, but only two are actively fighting within the arena at any given time. The rest of the players must wait their turn as observers (disembodied cameras). Both competitors start a round with full health and equipment (most commonly played saber only), and must face off against one another. When one of the players is eliminated, the loser is put at the end of the observer queue, and the next person in line is brought in to fight the winner. Once again, both competitors respawn in their starting locations with fully replenished health and equipment. The winner continues to compete against new opponents, scoring points until he himself is eliminated.


Eliminating and enemy: +1 point

Eliminating yourself: +1 point to your opponent

The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

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