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6.2: Capture The Ysalamiri (CTY) -Jake Kainite - Mar 26 03:28am
Capture the Ysalamiri is similar to Capture The Flag, but the standard flag is replaced by a red or blue branch that carries a Ysalamiri, a lizard which dampens all force abilities when carried. The carrier cannot use any force powers to hastily return the Ysalamiri to their home base, but opponents cannot use their force powers directly against that player either.

Two teams compete to capture each other’s Ysalamiri branch and return it to their home base. Any member of a team can enter enemy territory and pick up the Ysalamiri branch. When the branch is stolen, all players on the map are alerted to the event. The carrier must then escape from the enemy’s territory and return with the Ysalamiri branch to their own base to score. If the carrier is eliminated, the Ysalamiri branch pops out and is left behind. If a member of the owner’s team touches the Yslamiri branch, it is automatically returned to their base. If a member of the Ysalamiri branch thief’s team picks it up, they can continue to try to return to their home base. The Ysalamiri branch carrier’s own Ysalamiri must be ‘home’ at its base position for the carrier to score with the opposing team’s Ysalamiri branch.

Team Scoring

Capturing the enemy’s Ysalamiri: +1 point

Individual Scoring

Picking up enemy’s Ysalamiri: +10 points

Capturing the enemy’s Ysalamiri: +100 points

Your team captures enemy’s Ysalamiri: +25 points

Recovering your Ysalamiri: +10 points

-allowing immediate capture for team: +10 points

Eliminating enemy Ysalamiri carrier: +20 points

-allowing immediate capture for team: +10 points

Protecting your Ysalamiri carrier: +5 points

Protecting your Ysalamiri base: +10 points

Eliminating an enemy: +1 point

Eliminating yourself or a team member: -1 point

The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

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