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6.6: Holocron FFA (HC) -Jake Kainite - Mar 26 03:57am
This game is similar to FFA with one exception: players start with no Force powers whatsoever. Scattered throughout the map are a number of ancient Holocrons (Force cubes), which represent the various Force abilities. Any player can pick up the Holocrons and each one provides the full three ranks of its represented Force power. If a player is eliminated, his Holocrons pop out from where his body fell and become available for other players to grab. If a dropped Holocron is not grabbed within 30 seconds, it disappears and respawns in its standard starting location. A single player cannot collect more than three of the Holocrons simultaneously (unless otherwise stated by the server). When a player picks up a fourth, the Holocron they’ve possessed the longest pops out for someone else to grab.


Eliminating an enemy: +1 point

Eliminating yourself: -1 point

The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

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