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6.7: Jedi Master (JM) -Jake Kainite - Mar 26 03:58am
A lightsaber is placed at a single point on the map. All players start and respawn with standard default weapons (no lightsaber) and must obtain additional weaponry in the field. While players may eliminate one another at any time, no player can score any points until one player picks up the lightsaber. Once a player grabs the lightsaber, they become the ‘Jedi Master’ and are immediately imbued with rank 3 in every force power (except drain and absorb) and can only use the lightsaber for a weapon. Any player the Jedi Master eliminates by any means scores a point. If friendly fire is on, any player that any other player eliminates also gives the Jedi Master a point.

When the Jedi Master is eliminated, the lightsaber is throw out a short distance from their body in the direction of the player who eliminated the Jedi Master. The former Jedi Master is respawned as a normal non-Jedi, and whoever picks up the fallen lightsaber becomes the new Jedi Master. If the lightsaber is not picked up after a short time, it respawns at its starting location.


Eliminating and enemy while Jedi Master: +1 point

Eliminating and yourself while Jedi Master: -1 point

Eliminating Jedi Master in play: +1 point

Eliminating any non-Jedi while Jedi Master in play: +1 point for Jedi Master

Eliminating any non-Jedi while no Jedi Master in play: 0 points

The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

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Dec 30 2008 05:04pm

 - Student

This is my favorite type of multiplayer game. Where do you get the mod for Jedi Academy?

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May 16 2005 12:21pm

Jake Kainite
 - Student
 Jake Kainite

Oh yes this was the daddy!! I was once (unofficially of course) ranked 2nd in the WORLD at this gametype :D Ithas been modded for JK:JA but no one plays it (too much skill involved:D)

Personally I thought this was an absolutely brilliant training tool, as you have to survive solo with only force and saber against a whole team of gunners.
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Apr 26 2005 12:32am

 - Student

interesting game type of played properly.
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