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6.8: Siege -Zertz - Jan 03 07:28pm
Siege pits two teams against each other in a timed objective based match. Each team has six distinctive classes with their own model, weapons, and abilities. Each class has a part to play. Victory is achieved for each differently depending on which team a player is on. The Offensive or Attacking Team must complete all of their primary objectives within a set amount of time. The Defending Team must prevent the Attacking Team from completing all of their primary objectives until the timer runs out.

In addition to standard settings, there is an optional server setting which enables a sort of Stopwatch Mode. In this mode the Attacking Team must accomplish their objectives to set a time, the teams switch (Attackers become Defenders and vice-versa) and the new Defending Team must hold out for the time they set. For example, if the Attacking Team on Hoth finishes in 8 minutes when they become the Defending Team they must stop the new Attacking Team from beating their time.

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Jan 04 2005 12:27am

 - Student

Yeah, like in RTCW.
Some friends wear pants, some don't.

Jan 03 2005 09:16pm

 - Jedi Master

So, the end part is basically a Beat The Clock game? :D

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