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6.8.1: Classes -Zertz - Jan 03 07:32pm
Assault: A soldier combat oriented class. This class is equipped to engage enemy infantry, generally equipped with some sort of rapid fire weapon. In Korriban Siege, the Assault is a saber staff using Jedi.

Heavy Weapons: Armed with a heavy weapon such as the Rocket Launcher or Stouker Concussion Rifle. Slower moving, comes with less ammo and few no smaller weapons besides the DL-44. In Korriban Siege, the Heavy Weapons is given additional force powers whether as a Light Jedi Knight or Dark Jedi Destroyer.

Demolitions: A specialized class equipped with explosives. Uses Detpacks, lays Trip Mines, and throws Thermal Detonators. Useful for destroying objectives and vehicles and laying traps. In Korriban Siege, the Demolitionist is a Jedi or Dark Jedi with training in explosives whether with Detpacks as a Light Jedi, or Thermal Detonators and Trip Mines as a Dark Jedi.

Scout: Fast, yet lightly armoured, the Scout is capable of moving quickly and often stealthily into position. Using a Jetpack or Force Jump scouts can get into good vantage points, when armed with a sniper rifle they can take out enemy infantry from long range, and by using a Personal Cloaking Device or Mind Tricks they can move undetected. Useful for retrieving objectives and sniping (if so equipped). In Korriban Siege, the Scout is given the useful Force Power Mind Trick and Force Speed.

Tech: The Tech is more of a support class than a pure Technician. The Tech can dispense ammo, heal friendly infantry, and slice (hack) through doors and enable guns all via the use key. Often armed with a DEMP2 Gun, the Tech can cause havoc with enemy vehicles. Techs can see friendly infantry’s health and ammo bars over their heads. In Korriban Siege, the Tech is given either the Light Side power of Team Heal or the Dark Side power of Team Energize.

Jedi: A very special class, the Jedi is equipped with map specific Force Powers and some sort of Lightsaber. Lethal in close quarters combat, the Jedi moves at 125% speed. Jedi are effective at jumping over obstacles, sneaking past enemies with Mind Trick, killing enemies and guarding against enemy Jedi. In Korriban Siege, the Jedi is a duellist with Dual Sabers as well as push and pull powers.

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