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6.8.2: Maps -Zertz - Jan 03 07:37pm
Desert Rescue: Rebels must fight their way through the city, rescue protocol droid parts, and escape with them on the Millennium Falcon. Mercenaries will attempt to stop them at every turn.

The Attackers - Rebels
The Defenders - Mercenaries

The Objectives for Attackers:
1. Break your way through the damaged walls
2. Destroy or Hack the locks to enter the 3 Security Stations and destroy the consoles inside
3. Destroy the Arena Gates to enter the city.
4. Activate the Panel in the Starport Control Tower to deactivate the shields over the hangar doors.
5. Gather all 4 Droid Parts and bring them to the Millennium Falcon.

Attackers Friendly Assets:
16 Respawning Swoop Bikes can be stolen
8 Heavy Blaster Cannons can be commandeered

Defenders Friendly Assets:
1 Hungry Rancor (Will attack both sides)
16 Respawning Swoop Bikes
8 Heavy Blaster Cannons
4 Blaster Defence Systems in the Security Stations (Technicians must manually program them)
2 Respawning Blaster Defence Systems in the Millennium Falcon Hanger (Technicians must manually program them)

Hoth Assault: The Imperials are attacking the Rebel base on Hoth, they must battle their way in and destroy the Command Centre. The Rebels will stall the assault as long as possible for evacuations.

Attackers - Imperials
Defenders - Rebels

The Objectives for Attackers:
1. Move the AT-ST through the Gates
2. Access the Bunker Control Panel and use it to Extend the Bridge
3. Destroy the Shield Generator
4. Steal the Access Codes by destroying the R5 Unit and collecting its head.
5. Unlock the Hangar Doors using the Access Codes on the control panel in the next bunker.
6. Breach the Infirmary
7. Destroy the Command Centre

Attackers Friendly Assets:
1 All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)

Defenders Friendly Assets:
4 Automated Heavy Blaster Turrets
2 Automated Self Repairing Blaster Turrets
2 Stationary Heavy Blaster Cannons
1 Enraged Wampa (will attack both sides)

Korriban Valley: The Light Jedi must stop the Dark Jedi Cultists from resurrecting Marka Ragnos. The Dark Jedi stop the Light Jedi invaders.

The Objectives for the Attackers:
1. Destroy the entrance to the Temple of Ragnos
2. Place the Red Crystal on the Red Pedestal (order of Crystals is unimportant)
3. Place the Blue Crystal on the Blue Pedestal
4. Place the Green Crystal on the Green Pedestal
5. Steal Marka Ragnos’ Sceptre and bring it to the Altar in his statue
6. Destroy Marka Ragnos’ Sarcophagus

Attackers Friendly Assets:
The Light Side of the Force

Defenders Friendly Assets:
1 Hungry Rancor (will attack anyone)
Deadly Lava Pools
Ancient Sith Traps
The Dark Side of the Force

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