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6.8.3: Strategy -Zertz - Jan 03 07:42pm
General Tips:

-learn how to use your guns
-remember you have items in your inventory
-remember the weak points of a Jedi’s defences
-teamwork is essential

Korriban General Tips:

-don’t get caught up in saber duels, objectives are the key
-learn how to use your saber, how to defeat katas etc.
-learn your force powers
-learn how to defeat force powers

Hoth Assault Strategy:

1. Your first objective should be to get that AT-ST through that gate ASAP. Have someone get into the ATST and walk straight directly over the trench and through the gate, speed is essential to make sure Rebel Techs can’t get a shield up in time. Those not in the ATST should distract the Rebels and destroy the Heavy Turrets, target Techs.
2. Now that the ATST is through the gate the driver should stay out of the range of the other Heavy Turrets and take them out with its heavy blaster, reign some fire down on the Rebel spawn. The next objective being across a death pit gorge makes it a perfect job for the Dark Jedi. Have the Dark Jedi jump the gorge and make it into the bunker to use the control panel, mind trick is useful here as well as running like crazy. If those Heavy Turrets are down then a Tech should be able to move in and hack the door on the left. Infantry units should kill Rebels across the gorge and go through the Wampa cave’s. These three actions to get the objective done should be done simultaneously, this will split the Rebels defence making your job easy. If your lucky the Dark Jedi will accomplish his mission on the first try.
3. Bring the ATST past over the bridge and attack the Shield Generator, walk up and down over the Rebel spawn to thin out the infantry. Fire both rockets and blasters at the same time.
4. The Dark Jedi should blitz into that droid room and kill the R5 with a quick saber throw, meanwhile the other team members should combat the Rebels. Bring the codes through the door, jump over the gorge and land on the control bunkers roof, move to your left on the hangar side of the bunker, enter the bunker and use the control panel.
5. The Blitzkrieg is a common tactic of the Attackers this map, continue that theme by rushing in with Dark Jedi to jump up through the lift. A Tech should go and hack the Hangar -> Infirmary door.
6. Send 2 teams, one up the lift and one through the Hangar -> Infirmary pass, into the Infirmary and destroy the CC lift lock. If a Demolitionist can get into the Rebel Spawning area he can slow the enemy down with Trip Mines. Move up through the CC lift and through the smaller lift and passage above the Rebel spawn to the Command Centre. The Assault’s repeater is very useful for destroying the panels in the CC.

1. It is absolutely essential that you get a Tech to drop a shield in the area of the gate, don’t put it right on the door but about one person width away from the arch. Drop DEMP2 shots on the ATST and have Jedi’s and Heavy Weapons destroy it.
2. Fall back through the gate, or /kill to suicide if its faster. Drop shields to stop the Imperials from activating the bridge controls, have Jedi Force Push any jumpers and damage the ATST but don’t destroy it, leave it weakened for when the bridge is extended. Stop any techs from hacking into Ion Cannon controls.
3. Drop shields on the bridge to slow down the ATST, don’t deactivate it by walking through it! Drop DEMP2 shots on the ATST while Assaults, Jedi, and Heavy Weapons attack it with their weapons. Watch out for saber throwing Dark Jedi and ATST legs.
4. Mine the droid room, drop shields on the entrance to the room with the big pit. Mine/guard both doors of the Hangar bunker controls. Watch out for Dark Jedi jumping the pit and going back around.
5. Drop shields on the entrance to the hangar, use trip mines and explosives. Keep the choke point defended and watch out for Techs. Continue to watch for Jedi.
6. Keep them from hacking the infirmary door. If the server allows it, continue to call the lift upwards into the infantry. This tactic, known as ‘Laming the Lift’, is rather controversial so you should use your own discretion. If they damage panels in the CC a tech can repair them, but once they are destroyed they are gone. Trip mines on the non-CC lift way to the slow down Imperials greatly. The opening above one of your spawn doors should be mined to stop jumping Dark Jedi.

Desert Rescue:

1. The best way to destroy the wall is with an Assaults E-Web. Jedi Sabers, Heavy Weapons Rockets, and Detpacks can help the wall segments go down. Have your snipers counter snipe the Jetpack wearing menace and watch out for Dark Jedi a-gripping.
2. The best way to destroy the door controls is to either hack them open if undefended, or by flying a swoop nearby to them and causing the swoop to blow up. The same swoop explosion tactic is very effective against the Security Consoles. Repeater fire also works quite well.
3. The Rancor is your enemy, don’t get too close. Set up an E-Web on the top floor to rain fire down on the grate. Have Snipers counter snipe and everyone else attack the grate. When the grate goes down your job’s not over yet, go through the grate to find more grates, pick left or right and hammer the grate, when that one goes down proceed through and destroy the next one, crouch and go through to secure your next spawn. If you can get to the Merc side of the arena before doing this you might be able to go through their door into the city.
4. Have a Jedi grab a speeder bike, head towards the control tower and blow it up at the door control. Jump into the tower and flip that switch.
5. Collect the droid parts and bring it to the Falcon, Jedi are good at this, watch for mines and traps.

1. Move your snipers into positions and take out the Rebels, have Dark Jedi move in to grip/saber or saber throw kill non-Jedi infantry. Drop shields over the weak wall segments. I suggest one tech falls back and prepares the Security Stations’ blaster defence systems. Watch for E-Webs being set up.
2. Destroy the Swoop Bikes before the Rebels use them as bombs. If they move a swoop bike into a destroyable objective, drive it off. Techs can repair damaged consoles and be sure to supply the team. Use mines, shields, and sentry’s to hold back the enemy. Remember there are 2 doors to every station.
3. The Rancor is your friend, don’t kill it, just don’t get too close or it will eat you too. Drop shields over that grate and snipe any E-Web users. E-Webs and Jedi pose the greatest threat. When the first grate goes down get a sniper and a demolitionist in their for sure, a Jedi would help too. Mine the entrance with secondary set mines and snipe anyone coming in. Keep them from ever getting in there. When they breach the second grate use mines and continue to defend.
4. Destroy the swoop bikes at their spawn after the breach the third grate. Avoid opening doors to the heavy cannons off the control tower and watch for Jedi jumping. Don’t let them destroy the door controls, especially not with swoop bikes (use the same drive it away tactic).
5. Stop them from getting the parts to the falcon, nothing really to add but use shields and mines. The Respawning Blaster Turrets aren’t very useful but might as well program them.

Korriban Valley:

1. You’ll die a lot here, that’s an understatement. Heavy Weapons should use the nearby cliff to jump (possibly speed + jump) and others should try and get up the ramp. Demo’s should drop detpacks as they should explode when you die and everyone else should saber away. Once its down proceed through.
2. This point describes the Blue Crystal, it doesn’t matter objective wise which order you collect them in, but I prefer to go for the Blue Crystal right away because the Defenders can really own attackers if they all guard blue. Two ways to get that Blue Crystal, get into the Crystal Room by busting down the door and going through the passage. A Jedi Knight (Heavy Weapons) can jump up to the top of the ledge and then jump the gap, mind your force. The other method is to jump over the lava, force push the switch and ride the lift to the top to take the crystal. Careful for force pushing Dark Jedi, absorb doesn’t work very well. Have team mates guard the crystal carrier to the pedestal.
3. This point describes the Red Crystal. Bust through the door and into the Crystal Room, destroy the 3 shield generators and pull up the stepping stones, then carefully (force push hurts) jump and take the crystal, same deal with getting it to the pedestal.
4. This point describes the Green Crystal. Bust through the door and into the Crystal Room, forget the side passages, spiky Indiana Jones traps are there, jump over the lava and steal the crystal, same deal for getting it to the pedestal.
5. Now that your in the valley, split into 2 groups, one group should destroy the altar door the other the sceptre door. Don’t bother getting the sceptre out until the Altar is open. For the Altar, make your way up the sides or up the main ramp and use similar techniques as you used for the first objective. When its down bring the sceptre up with a big escort so others can pick it up when the sceptre carrier dies. For the Sceptre, the Sceptre Temple is usually sparsely defended.
6. The shield is down so destroy that Sarcophagus! Use detpacks, saber katas and speed + red to take it down.

1. Push people trying to jump the cliff away, grip those attempting to saber the door. Drop trip mines in secondary mode on the ramp and near the door. Hold here as long as possible.
2. The Blue Crystal Room is the easiest to defend, however it is not always wisest to put everyone to defend it. One or two people can effectively defend each room with the rest focusing on a single room which is getting the most Attackers. For the Blue Room, push anyone trying to jump onto the crystal side into the lava. If they are escaping with the crystal, grip them or pull them and saber/detonate them. Use Mines in the passage.
3. For the Red Room, keep the stepping stones down and push/pull jumpers into the lava. Use mines in the passage.
4. For the Green room, defend the long passage with mines and fighters. Don’t pay all that much attention to the two spiky traps although speed 3 can get though it if they know what they are doing it. Push/pull jumpers into the lava, grip/pull escapers.
5. When they breach into the valley, mine your way back, take the fight to them. When you guard the Altar, force push anyone jumping up the side and use secondary mines. Continue to fight them as they enter the valley. For the Sceptre, use mines and fight them with sabers. When the two door go down, mine the insides. When the shields go down its almost game over but grip, lightning, saber, and thermal detonate to hold them back. Continue to take the fight to them at the entrance.

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