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6.8.4: Destroyer Siege -Zertz - Jan 03 07:43pm
Destroyer Siege is special, I will discuss it briefly as it is relatively simple. Each class flies equally well, but I recommend Jedi because they can get to the ships slightly faster. The Defenders can simply dogfight and destroy the Rebel Attackers. The Attackers must destroy the Solar Ionization Array (underside bubble), destroy the Comm Tower (between the two Shield Generators), Destroy the Shield Generators (The topside Orbs), and destroy the Turbolasers. Then fly under and destroy the tractor beam.

The Ships
TIE Fighter - Quick, nimble, fragile. Fires very fast.
TIE Bomber - Slower, more armour. Equipped with missiles.
Z95 - Quick, two blaster cannons. Equipped with missiles.
X-Wing - Slightly slower than the Z95, four blaster cannons. Equipped with missiles.

Destroyer Siege can be fun, but is often plagued by high pings and the fact that Jedi Academy is not a space fighter simulator/shooter.

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