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7: JK Modifications -Battlin' Billy - Mar 26 04:26am
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy are very configurable. Just about any action that can be carried out in the game can be typed in as a command, or bound to a key. In some cases, this doesn’t work too well (i.e. typing in a command for character movement). However, other bound commands are very handy.

To enter your console press and hold the key, then tap the <`> (tilde) key.

The top half of your screen will then turn into the console. At the prompt, (]) you can type in a myriad of commands. Some commands must be preceded by a (slash) or <\> (backslash).

To exit the console and return to the game: hit the (escape) key.

The bind command (see bind below) deserves special attention. Almost every other command can be bound to any key on you keyboard. Instead of having to open the console, typing the command and closing the console again, you can easily hit your set key. This is especially useful for commands you need fast access to, like for example emotes.

Console commands that have on/off values (0 and 1) such as the "cg_" commands listed below, can be remembered as "0" being Off/Disabled or "1" being On/Enabled. To view the current value of the command, type the command in the console without a value. The game will then display the current value.

Example: cg_dismember

Display: \cg_dismember 0

Also, if you enable and disable a command frequently, you do not have to bind a key to each command. You can simply use the "!" switch in the command, which allows you to toggle back and forth between enable and disable.

Example: bind o cg_draw2d !

With this example, when you hit the key, the command will toggle your Heads Up Display (HUD) (see cg_draw2d below) back and forth between being displayed and not displayed. This saves you from having to use two keys for enabling and disabling.

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