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7.2: Client Commands -Battlin' Billy - Mar 26 05:45am
Publisher's Note: With the exception of the emotes, all of these commands should work with Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. There are more commands for JK:JA and we will have those for you in time. Thank you!

Useful commands:

bind – Allows you to bind a command to a key so you won’t have to type in the command at your console every time you wish to use it. For example, the command: bind L “amsit” would let you just hit the key to perform the amsit command. Otherwise, you would have to open your console, type it in, then close your console.

bindlist – Displays a list of all of your current key bindings.

cg_dismember – Saber dismemberment. Default is "0", disabled.

cg_draw2d– Allows the Heads Up Display (HUD) indicators – Health/Hit Points (HP), Shields, Force Mana, Saber Style, Score, and Icons – to be turned on and off. Only the gameplay and player conversation will be displayed. Default is "0", disabled.

cg_drawCrosshair – Turns your crosshair/reticule on and off. Default is "1", enabled.

cg_drawFPS – Displays your Frames Per Second in the top right corner of your screen. Default is "0", disabled.

cg_drawGun – Allows 1st person or 3rd person view when drawing (choosing) a weapon. Some use this command to boost their FPS a very little bit. Default is "1", enabled.

cg_fov – Allows you to change the field of view, in degrees, of your screen. Default is 80.

cg_lagometer – Displays the “Lagometer” on the right hand side of the screen, above your force and stance indicators.

cg_ThirdPersonCameraDamp – Changes how the camera follows you when in 3rd person mode. Useful when taking screenshots. Default value is: 0.3

cmdlist – Displays a complete list of commands that can be entered into the console.

Note: most of the commands displayed are for scripting on the server. Most won't have to worry about. The more useful client-side ones are listed here.

color1 # - Allows you to change your saber color in game. “#” stands for a number from 0-6. Example: color1 0 will change your saber to a red one, color1 1 to an orange one etc.

condump – Allows you save what is in your console (commands, chat, etc.) to a text file that can be viewed later. Example: condump readme

g_synchronousclients – Must be typed into your console before you start recording a demo. It must also be enabled on the server you’re on. See record, stop

model – Allows you to change your skin while in the game. Bind this command to a key if you use a particular skin a lot. Example: model dessan/default (changes your skin to Dessan) See bind.

modellist – Shows the names of all the models/skins that are currently loaded on your computer.

name – Allows you to change your name while in the game. Bind this to a key if you use a particular name a lot. Example: name Chewbacca (your name would change to “Chewbacca”). See bind.

r_gamma– Darkens or lightens the game screen depending on the value you insert.

record – Starts recording everything displayed your screen. However, recording must be enabled on the server you are on, and then turned on from your side by typing g_synchronousclients 1. See g_synchronousclients 1, stop.

seta con_notifytime "#" - Sets the time chat messages are displayed on your screen. Set “0” for dont display them at all.

set name – Allows you to change your name while in game, like name command, but this allows you to uses spaces. Example: set name Han Solo (your name would change to “Han Solo”, with name command it would only change to “Han”)

stop – Command used to stop recording a demo. See record.

Useful Binds:

+scores – Allows you to see the scores in the session you’re in.

disconnect – Disconnects you from the server you are currently on and brings you back to the game main menu.

engage_duel – Challenges the person in your crosshair to a duel.

kill – Makes your character die and fall to the ground. You lose 1 point (score) and respawn. Useful when your character gets stuck somewhere and your only choice is to die and respawn. Also useful for when you make changes to your force powers and wish for the changes to take effect immediately.

say – Binding this command to a key will let you “say” (on the display) something. Example: bind t “say Good Fight!” when you hit the key, you will ‘say’ “Good Fight!”

say_team – Similar to the ‘say’ command, but it allows you to bind a team message. If you’re not playing in a team game mode it will appear as a normal chat message. Example: bind t “say_team Get the flag!” when you hit key in a team game, like CTF, you will ‘say’ “Get the flag!” in your team. If you hit key in a non-team game, like FFA you will ’say’ it for everyone visible.

messagemode3 – Allows you to “whisper” to someone. “Whisper” is the common word for private chat, means only one person will see what you are talking. Bind this command to a key and look at someone until you see his name (must be activated). When hitting the key while targeting someone, you will be able to chat with him in private. Hitting the key without targeting anyone, nothing will happen.
Note: You cannot bind full messages, like bind t “messagemode3 Hi honey” This is not possible.

screenshot – Allows you take a picture of what is currently displayed on your game screen. By default, the screen will be saved as screens0001.jpg , unless you type in screenshot_tga. This will save it as screens0001.tga

levelshot – Allows you take a picture with automatically disabled hud. Note that quality is quite bad though.


Emotes are usually used outside of a duel. You can make your character sit, cross his/her arms, hug another player, etc. Emotes are usually bound to a key (see bind) so you won’t have to open your console every time you want to use them. The emotes listed below work on the Jedi Academy servers; though, some may not work in certain situations. These emotes may or may not work at all on public or other private servers. At the very least, you should bind a key for /amsit (bind “amsit”) as some Jedi Academy class instructors ask their students to “sit” during classes. The commands listed below apply to your character/model (you).

aminfo - Shows all amcommands
ambeg – Gets on hands and knees.
amcocky – Makes a pointing gesture at yourself.
amcomeon – Waves their arm in a 'come on' movement.
amcrossarms – Crosses your arms.
amdontknow – Make a shrugging movement.
amflip – Flips your lightsaber.
amhandhips – Makes you put your hands on your hips.
amhug – Hugs another player if you are close enough.
amkneel – Makes you kneel.
amlaugh – Makes you clutch your belly in merriment (laughing).
amnod – Nods your head, “Yes.”
ampoint – Does a pointing gesture.
ampunch – Makes a punching move.
amscratch – Makes you scratch your head.
amshake – Shakes your head, “No”
amsit – Sits down on floor.
amsit2 – Sits as if on a chair.
amspin – Does a special spin move.
amspin2 – Does another special spin move.
amsurrender – Puts your arms up in the air.
amtaunt – Does the SP saber spin taunt.
amtaunt2 – Does another taunt movement.
amthumbsdown – Gives a "thumbs down" (disapproval).
amthumbsup – Gives a "thumbs up" (approval).
amtossback – Throws your weapon behind you.
amtossover – Throws your weapon off to the side.
amtossup – Throws your weapon up in the air.
amwait – Makes you put your hands behind your back.
amwave – Makes you hold out your hand.
amwave2 – Waves “Hello”

Movement/ Inventory Commands:

+forward – walk forward
+back – walk back
+moveleft –strafe left
+moveright – strafe right
+moveup - jump
+movedown - crouch
use_bacta – use bacta (if available)
use_electrobinoculars – uses binoculars (if available), single player only
use_field (force field) – uses a force field (if available)
use_seeker – uses seeker (if available)
use_sentry – uses sentry (if available)
Invnext – next inventory item
Invprev – previous inventory item

Force Power Commands:

force_distract (mind trick)
force_forcepowerother (team energize(?))
force_throw (push)

Weapon Commands:



Although this is not really a console part it is the best section to explain the colors. You can change almost every text in JK2 from the default white into a color. You simply do it by adding ^# in front of the text. The # stands for a color from 1-7. For example: ^1Hello would turn out to be Hello (in red). ^2Hello would be Hello (in green).

1 = red
2 = green
3 = yellow
4 = dark blue
5 = light blue
6 = pink
7 = white
(0 = black)

0 is an exception because in default game mode you can’t use it in names, only in chat messages. However there are some mods that make black useable in names as well, like for example the Jedi Academy Mod. Note that you cannot see black in the console.

There is a problem with binding colors for some European users. Some of their keyboard layouts have a different design than the US keyboards and their console is opened with + <^> and closed with <^>. So if they want to type a color in a bind (for example bind t say ^1Red ^7Rose) the console will close after they’ve typed the first <^>. There is a trick though:

-open a text editor like word or notepad

-write your bind with all <^>s

-copy it with +

-open JK2 and the console

-paste your bind with +


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