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7.1.1: Setup -cHoSeN oNe - Jun 03 03:17am
1) You will need to get the source code for the game you are planning to code for:

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast:

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy:

2) You will need the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux. This will allow you to compile your code on Linux.

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Dec 05 2004 10:41pm

 - Retired

If you wish to compile a Linux version of a Modification it is recommended to obtain the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux. You can get it for free. Its easy to use the ICC than GCC as you don't have to spend the time getting all the MS Compiler specific things out of it to funciton with GCC properly.
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Oct 16 2004 11:19pm

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The JA SDK is easiest to use with Visual C++ 7.0 or higher - as of the writing of this comment, you can download the VC++ Express 8.0 beta from Microsoft's website for free.
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