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4.5: Saber Staff -Mune - Apr 18 06:55pm
The Saber Staff was included in Jedi Knight 2, but not as in depth as in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It is a fast stance that's moves can be infinitely chained. It can also be converted into the regular single saber yellow stance.

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Oct 18 2007 09:58pm

 - Student

liar^^ the staff can do 5 swings in yellow stance.
althought the yellow stance of staff cant do moves
like wheel or overhead, the yellow of staff can do
a left swing by move forward!! furthermore u can
make a switch move by getting low distance fastly!

and the staff is a weapon with variable styles,
and the
diagonally (which allows to 'hit and run' faster)

and my favourite and self created one!
'single stance staff' <- sounds stupid, but its
very effective by good timing, using ur seventh
sens and powerful timing!

by using all this styles depending on the
situation and enemy u will master many fights!!

Nov 11 2005 09:31am

 - Retired

Although the Staff can go into Single Stance Yellow, there are various moves that Yellow Stance can do that the Staff version does not. The YDFA as it's called, jumping over the head of the player while slicing, is one of those. It cannot do an overhead swing (Pressing UP+ATTACK). It instead does a swing from Right to Left Horizontally.
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Nov 10 2005 06:45pm

 - Student

*nods* Also, I've never been able to pull off whole "jump up while attacking to jump over someone and slice their head off" thing in one-bladed staff mode. I think it's slightly handicapped, but I'm not sure.
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Jan 04 2005 12:16am

 - Jedi Council

nope, u can chain 5. the timing is just a bit different. but it IS possible, trust me ;)
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Jul 03 2004 07:31pm

 - Student

Well, the regular yellow stance with 1 bladed staff is slightly modified. While with regular yellow you can chain up to 5 attacks, staff only allows 3.
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