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RIP Carrie Fisher -cHoSeN oNe- Dec 27 06:18pm -5 comments-
As 2016 closes, we lose yet another Hollywood star. This time it hits us home here in the JA. May the force be with her and may she rest in piece. You will be missed!

For the first time in a while, we're excited to have a new JAK! -Virtue- Apr 20 12:29pm -12 comments-
Well then, isn't this awesome!

At this point, it is customary for everyone to go and spam the profile of the new JAK with congratulatory messages and cake!

So yeah, everyone give Zachry D'Kana a pat on the back!

Welcome aboard, my friend. :)

What's this? New students? New classes? You heard right! -DJ Sith- Mar 16 07:33pm -9 comments-
Looks like someone altered time and sped up the harvest, because we've an awesome new influx of students, teachers and staff coming out of the woodworks. Dash Starlight is first out of the gate with two new classes. Here's what he's got to say:

Due to the recent boost in activity, we decided to provide you with some new classes being put online. I'd like to turn your attention to the classes page, where the following sessions can be found:

Basic Medium Stance
Medium Stance Training

These are the first for now. Remember, you ought to enroll for these classes in order to participate.

Please keep track of the forum as well as the classes page for any updates!

We'll keep y'all updated as we hear about any more new business.

Thanks so much to Dash and the rest of our amazing staff for keeping this place up and running. I'd like to extend a belated welcome to all new students. Virtue and I are still active, and our doors are always open if you've got questions or want to gab about things. Have fun!

Happy Valentines Day! -DJ Sith- Feb 15 12:41am -4 comments-
Happy Valentines Day from your friends at The Jedi Academy.

JAE Mod 1.02 Source Re-Released -cHoSeN oNe- Apr 23 02:41pm -6 comments-
Wow, first news post in a very long time. Anyways, the last couple years the JAE mod source was unavailable due to the site hosting it is no longer in service. The good news is, I dusted off an old backup CD and uploaded the source to GitHub. You can grab the source or fork the project from the following location:

Jedi Knight 3.5 announced. Sort of. No troll. -solitude- Apr 04 10:07am -26 comments-

The source code for JK2 *and* JK3 have been released.

Maybe the next JK game will be fan driven.

So long LucasArts o/ -solitude- Apr 03 09:58pm -6 comments-


Merry Christmas Everyone! -solitude- Dec 25 06:19pm -3 comments-
Festive greetings from all the staff at the JA. :)

SWTOR Free to Play: November 15th -planK- Nov 11 01:28pm -9 comments-
Just wanted to remind everyone that SWTOR is going free to play on the 15th. They're also launching a premium store that lets you buy things with "cartel coins" - if you were subscribed before, or still play, you'll get a bunch of these to spend.

So, if you didn't check out SWTOR when it launched, it's worth a look. Our guilds are on The Red Eclipse and Jedi Covenant servers.

Disney buys Lucasfilm -planK- Oct 30 09:12pm -30 comments-
Star Wars fans, you might want to sit down for this one — The Walt Disney Company just announced its plans to purchase Lucasfilms LTD from George Lucas, with plans to release Star Wars: Episode 7 sometime during 2015.

Oh sweet JESUS!

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