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Title  (JK3) EU MultiPlay
Admin  doobie
Location  Germany
Connection  100mbit
Operating System  FreeBSD
Game  Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy
Gametype  FFA
Version  1.01
Max Users  12
Mods/Extras  The Academy v3 map

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Aug 01 2014 06:44pm

 - Nugget


Jun 07 2014 02:58pm

Jaina D'Kana
 - Jedi Instructor
 Jaina D'Kana

New address is

Mar 10 2014 11:51pm

 - Student

Got a problem to connecting to our EU Server with OS X?

Well i've been having this problem for a quite a few weeks so i'm making this post to help you guys for people who are using OS X (mac) to connect to our EU server, This will work for both Steam and Apple Store versions!

1. Reinstall Jedi Academy

2. Download our map (unzip and put in your base folder)

3. Download our skins (unzip and put in your base folder)

4. Fix for the Aspyr version (unzip and put in your base folder)

5. Download JKJALauncher (place it in your SteamApps>common>Jedi Academy folder)

6. Now you will open your and you will change the directory to
/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Jedi Academy/

7. Now open up the JKJA launch click multiplayer then you wanna and you wanna allow downloads

8. Now you can join our EU Server to enjoy your classes and hang with friends! :)

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Mar 04 2014 06:03pm

 - Student

would probably be a good idea to do that. I'll be naming the US server with the same naming convention.
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Oct 22 2012 09:26pm

Ðàrth Àpòçålýpsè
 - Student
 ÃÃ rth Àpòçålýpsè

rename the server from Multiplay Gameserver to like EU Home! lol
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